This party was held at the same location as Magical and it was even more fun this time. The weather was perfect and the full moon lit up the desert like I've never seen before. The air was filled with positive vibes like static electricity and the smiles just kept popping up from behind every rock. After two weeks of none-rave-work-work-work, this was a perfect way to get a healthy doze of some techno and trance again.

Dj Jaymz was spinning some uplifting trance when we got there. I could tell there was already a bigger crowd than there was at Magical. They had the DJ stand facing the opposite direction this time but, everything else was pretty much the same... except for Sarah's "Eye Candy" booth, which was towering over the entire scene on top of a pickup truck.

CL McSpadden came up next and wooed the crowd to new heights. Despite the heavy dust, people kept stomping the grounds and dancing all over the place. Gary Menichiello came out of hybernation for a taste of some desert trance. But despite his great set, I don't think he was too thrilled about all that dust on his records. Then, it was time for Jay Eric to rock the desert. This boy is GOOD! He spun a great set of melodic, timeless tracks. Very uplifting and enjoyable to listen to.

There were a few more DJs there but, I did'nt get to hear them all at close up range. I went for a bit of a walkabout and climbing the rocks. I got a great closeup video shot of the full moon about to set on the horizon and as I very slowly pulled back with the zoom, it looked very much like I was flying away from the moon over the desert landscape. That was my own private, magical moment.

This party totally charged me up. The after party I went to was also a perfect trance follow-up with Mikey and Bodi (from Moontribe) spinning the tables. It was now my turn to put the camera away and dance my ass off. I even banged away on some congos and indian ceremonial drums. I didn't quite make it rain but, for some reason, I think I made everyone hungry;)

This was another night I won't soon forget. Thank you 100% Natural Groove, DTS, Nu Era and Candyman for a great party. You guys rule!!!


omg i swear i had the cutest outfit on!!! hehe and i was even givin a "designated a**" kicker pass thingie =)it was a pretty good party i was kinda with the boy i <3 the mostest lol but i wish i woulda danced more!!! and wow for me goin to so many raves, this is the first time i ever sat in a speaker! amazing =) i thik the vibe was really good tooi met some very sweet people and the music was as great as ever!!! hehe....i think that girlies booth should sell cigerettes!! lol shed make a lotta money ;) *~*~PLUR~*~* and Love

ms. VB

On behalf of 100% Natural Groove/DTS, Candyman, & Nu-Era Sound Design I would like to thank everyone that came out for another fun filled night in the desert. The smiles and happy faces all night long is what pushes us to continue providing events for you, our Desert Trance Family! Thanks again, and get ready for our next event...WIGGLE on Friday October 22, 1999, we'll be bringing out STILLWIND from San Fran to drop some of the most Spiritual Uplifting Trance on the planet along with your DTS favorites, CL McSpadden, Michael, Citrik and more... We will also be unveiling our Desert Chill-lounge...you don't want to miss this one!!


100% Natural Groove/DTS

I met 2 great people before we even left... I had been in Cali for about a month, so this was more than a great welcome back. I really liked Gary and Jaime's sets, Jay Eric was good, but I am not a huge Goa fan(I think he was playing Goa)... Anyways this DTS stuff keeps getting better, but what about some out of towners(Oct. 22?) that most have never seen. Lemme know if ya'll need some help


Once again I fell in love. Just like I always do when I go to a DTS event. The vibe, weather, ppl were perfect! Everything is right with the world when I am at a DTS party - especially ones that are outdoors. Finally, the cooler weather has arrived and we can enjoy being outside even more.

I won't even comment on C.Ls set - he's consistently xlnt so I won't go on. I heard DSL for the first time and I must say I'm impressed. When I hang out at the dj booth most of the nite and Jonboy's not playing, the music must be great.

Another perfect evening in the desert with all my favorite ppl! Can't wait till the next one = )

Love and peace,
Jayni (JB)


This was my first Desert Trance party (I just moved here from NH). All I can say was it was abousetly amazing. I will always remember watching the sun rise as the moon was setting. The vibez at this party were great. I met sooooo many people and recieved tons of kandy (both to wear and eat). This was defiantly the best party I have been to. Keep up the good work DTS. I can't wait for the next one.

Matt Palmer

Thank you DTS for having faith in me, and showing some curiousity about the music I am so passionate about. I give all my love to the new school and old school trancers who are willing to to let the mindgame of psychedelic trance move your feet. Look foward to sharing more music and stomping up more desert with you guys!

Jay Eric

i thought that the vibes made da partEE wut it was! all the candies made it feel like home. it took alot to get there cuz we were f#%* us over but we made it and we feel special! all i gots to say is dat powerplur should have been called heaven cuz thats what it was


I Love candy ravers and i like men to black men


this partie was so dope. it was accully one of the frist underground one i have been to in awhile, raves arent really underground anymore! it kinda sux. well everyone, keep it real and done let the scene die, love you all,....

<3 stephie

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