Power Plur Force II

I was a little disappointed this party was not at a desert location but I still like the convenience of the Ice House. It's also a lot cooler than the Nile.

I saw a lot of old familiar faces and a lot of new faces. The energy level was very good, specially in the court yard. I missed a few good sets. I even missed Marz, Michael and Citrik's sets. Still, I had a great time and was more than pleased with the music.

Captain Tinrib and Max Alien Trax tore it up with high energy techno in the yard. Paulina Taylor kept going for a long, hard, sustained set in the Cathedral room and Kevin Brown rocked the Silver Room. Also a new comer, DJ Psylence (AKA Garret) spun a well rounded trance set in the back yard.

I still liked the Power Plur Force I better, if not for anything else, for the fact that it was in the desert. We need to get with the Indian tribes and find an alliance to preserve our freedom and our right to dance and listen to our music without persecution from the brass. Maybe if we did something about our "drug infested" image we will have a chance. I'd say about 90% of the people there at least "looked" sober. But it's always that 10% that stick out like a sore thumb. That e puddle in the Silver Room was not very pleasing to the eye. So, please be careful and please be discrete and for your own sake exercise moderation.


i think trandsend in tucson was way better from talking to my peeps who went to the partys. trandscend had alot of bad pub but it still kicked hella ass it was a pretty tight party in the desert and the weather was awesome. no dust at all


POWERPLUR FORCE II was one of the best parties of the year!! Thanks DTS and 100% Natural Groove!! This party is only outshined by 2 other events, Alice Deejay and Phat Chicks Rule, both by DTS...you guys rule. Keep up the good work, I loved the decorations and all of the effort you guys put into your events, I especially loved the Giant Mojo Jojo in the chill area with the spinning spiral eyes, you guys can only be out done by yourselves!! No other promotion crew comes close!! I also loved Captain Tinrib and Paulina Taylor, and Daisy also spun a Phat set, oh and Nimh and Wishbone....PHAT PHAT!!

Love you guys,
Lil' Bloo Robyn

this was my very first rave EVER in all of my 19 years of living! it was fun, but it's hard being the only straightedge person in a group so i took off early. i wanted to say that it was definitely an awesome & that there was pretty much a good vibe the entire time i was there. i totally respect & appreciate everyone who worked to put it together. you have definitely changed my view of what a rave is really all about. i'll definitely be back at another rave & hopefully this time, i won't feel as out of place. =0b


I agree with Ramy that puddle in the middle of the silver room was not kickin it. But over all i had a good time at the part i dont really go to parties to often anymore cause of the vibe thats been going around and all the drugs. But I do have to say that I did enjoy myself. Thanx Ramy for the Picture #24( finally after 3 yrs of partying).


The Lineup was awesome! The sound system was awesome! So many nice people! Vibe everywhere! Although i did see a girl from high school almost cry because she "needed e" soo bad (sickening i tell u) It diddnt get me down too bad.

We still think though that there were too many kids rolling around on the ground in spots but everyone we met was friendly and made us feel at home. And i LOVED those props! If i wouldnt feel so bad about taking one i would have grabbed one and never let go.

rayray and trav

I know I keep saying this, but I swear to the raver gods that I'll be at the next one. PeaCe, PoT, aND MiCRoDoT =-) see you at going to the movies =-)


The party was dope until I went to the Jungle Room. One guy I think his name was Russ had some skilz but Access I was not impressed at all by him. Its the Desert trance they really shouldn't book jungle because it seems like they don't have a clue in that scene. I enjoyed micheals set alot though. I found myslef having to walk around that one room to get to good music in all it was worth it the party was banging.


i didnt get to go to this partie, although i heard it was dope! i would have loved to go see mc stylee! ( my buddie) and i would have defintly enjoyed damcing to paulina taylor live! that would have been dope! keep up the vibe everyone and keep the scene alive. peace


this was an awsome party I loved it... lots of nice people, I danced all night and didnt leave til the sun came up!!! I love the music, PLUR to you all, bye


this wuz a PHAT phukin party :) i looooved it!! i gotz to say tho, the e puddle in the silver room was really annoying!! i couldnt dance with out hitten one of the rolly kiddz. oh wellz, nimh 'n wishbonez set kiked sooo much ass that i couldnt sit down, even tho i wuz sooo tired :) 'n paulina taylor~~> OMG!! he wuz pumpin up the crowd!! :) well i iz gonna bounce now, but thanx DTS 'n natural groove 4 an awsome party! :)



That was a pretty phat party. I was almost in pic #31, but Chris's blonde, fat head was in the way. J/K Chris, you are cool as fuck. Captain Tinrid was spinning some phat beats outside and getting everyone dancing like mad dogs! There was a pretty good vibe goin round. I am happy to say that I met some awesome people there, along with seeing some of my old skool crew there. I HOPE THAT ANGELA HAD A HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!

Anyways. The ice house is pretty cool, but I am ready for some new settings. Anyway.


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