This was probably the fluke party of the year. The DJs were there. The sound system was awesome. The lights were amazing. The venue was NOT the Nile. But one thing was missing... the people. Only about 20-30 people showed up. This does happen from time to time to almost all promoters and I guess this was Randy's turn. Gruv-E did everything right except promotion and probably timing. There was a problem with the flyers (too small, too late) and... well, the night before Easter Sunday seems to be not the best time for raves. From what I hear, Easter Moon 2 didn't do that great either (although a lot more people showed up there).

Nevertheless, DJs Segway, Essiccs, Troy Roberts and Lego all did what they do best: spin great music. But by midnight, it was pretty obvious to everyone that this wasn't gonna happen. I stayed another hour just for the hell of it and then headed out to a couple of after parties (which by the way turned out to be a lot of fun).

I was so sad to see all that great equipment sit there and no crowd to enjoy it. The look of dissapointment on Randy's face was hard to take but I know he'll bounce back with another great event like he has done in the past... Hope to see you all there:)


Where was everybody???????? The people who were there missed you guys. Everything was "happening". This could have been an excellent event, but for the lack of people.


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Insomniac Arizona

20-30 pEople?! comE pEoplEs wE can do bEttEr than that:)


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