Monkey Love Review

It had been a while since I was at a Red Monkey... too long! The same old laid back and easy going vibe greeted me almost before I even got to the parking lot. Lots of familiar, smiling faces. Even Adam was smiling in a non-threatening way. Well, let's just say his jaw was moving but, he wasn't talking;)

The back yard was comfortably full of chatters and inside was packed abuzz with dancers. Red Monkey always has the highest ratio of dancers to "chillers". I guess it's because when you get a little older and wiser, you save most of your drugs for when you get home. Anton was spinning (filling in for Joey Ganez) and he did the Monkey justice, as usual.

Next was the highlight of the night, Ellen Ferrato from SF. She practically blew the roof off the joint. She performed with an incredible, unyielding energy and passion. She got into the mix as if she was listening to someone else spinning and totally digging it. It was just as much fun watching her as it was a delight listening to her. Monkey Lovers couldn't grin any wider.

Pete came on next and kept the groove up for the rest of the night. He spins his best at the Monkey, where he feels at home and not obligated to please the Scottsdale club goers... and it showed clearly through the music pumping through the speakers and oozing up the floor. I was completely sober, didn't even smoke a cigarette but, I loved every minute of this night.

Thanks Pete, you big ape you;)