I'm not quite sure how to describe the mood of this party. All night long, I felt like everyone was holding something back. The music, the lights and the sound system were all just fine. So why did it seem like... well... a little conservative? I'm really not sure why. Maybe it was the low turn out or maybe a shortage of pills. I heard they were searching people's "hair" for drugs. I didn't see a LOT of people dancing and I didn't see a lot of e-puddles. Is it possible you can't have one without the other? Still, out of the people that were dancing, I noticed a lot of them were completely sober. So it IS possible to rave sober and dance your ass off... I guess more of us just have to remember how.

Overall though, the party was well worth going to. When I got there DJ Huggie was spinning a tight set of deep house in the court yard. DJ Jasen came up next and caused more rhythmic phootwork with more house and disco. They didn't have a large audience but some people were really getting into their sets. DJ Guido spun the Silver room with hard techno followed by a UK style live set from DDR. Sage and Danny the Wild Child laid down some cool D&B tracks in the Cathedral Room. Not many people were hanging out back where DTS usually sets up. The only DJ I saw there was Screen who was doing fine but the sound system, although loud, felt a little thin. DJ Michael started a great set in the courtyard when I was heading out. I was just too tired and cold to stay longer.

I think more and more people are turning their backs on the massive raves and going back to smaller house parties. I think more people are getting tired of paying $20-30 to dance when they can do it at their own homes. Yes, the power of those huge subwoofers does bring people back eventually... just not as frequently. I think we will still have some massives here in Phoenix (by Phoenix standards) but I think they will be very far and few in between. I think promoters will start to look for cheaper, smaller venues with limited capacity and if they can manage to keep the cost and the number of people attending down we can have some great parties with that old time vibe again. Only if we can do this without some one freaking out on acid and running naked down the street, we might be able to keep it going for a few more years. Hmmm... I wonder whatever became of Vortex...


hey im allbout bring back the scene to the desert, there was one a few weeks back it was fun, and an old school vibe, i think there coming back just people are keeping it on the DL, but if you look hard enough youll find them. Enough of the same old massives, im down with a samll desert party like the old days, and im sure all the old skool kid are too, time for a change....I think so


yeah oldskool parties were kewl but with all the new laws out there preventing n-E-one from partying, its hard on the promoters part. Why dont people consider the pressures the promoters go through? It all seems foolish, I guess this is another stage the scene is going through maybe this is just a test to see who will stick to it to the end. I know I will cause i love the scene as much negative opinions there is, i love the scene. Props 2 da Oldskoolers out there! U know who u be!;)

Eddie Omega

I had an OK time at this party, but I saw a lot of undercovers asking kids blatantly if they wanted rolls. Just leave us alone dammit! Hopefully Rave4Change will help shed more positive light on the scene.


it was good party overall. i danced all night long and i was rolling. the music was bad ass but i mainly chilled in the silver room, though but i danced my ass off. i just wish that there was a little more freedom people were holding back on things because of all the presure or something from the security...i dont know. massive partys attendance is thinning out most likely due to the prices and because of all the shit the media has put on the news. desert parties are the shit, people let loose and enjoy being who they are more then in a controled party like at the ice house. well thats a little peice of my mind...PLUR


OLD SCHOOLERS...hell yaeh, were still out here. Rember TOP RAVEN back in "96" @ that aircraft hanger on buckeye Rd. And Tron, the best Disney movie ever turned into the best party ever.Katy, Talo, Mick, Matt... ya guys still out there. And Brent, hows life treating you @ Swell? Anybody seen Fat Mike?


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