I never felt like crying at a rave until last night. An amazing lineup of extremely talented DJs, a wonderful sound and light system, more cool costumes than I saw at last year's Halloween and a wide array of circus acts and stunts were brought together at the Ice House. So, where were you? It seemed there were more DJs than people. The limousines were longer than the line at the door. When I was leaving around 3:30, I asked the guy who had the counter at the entrance what the head count was and he told me 317 (+ a few who squeezed by). I kept telling myself "Forget it! Just get into the music and enjoy yourself." But, I couldn't. There were only about 20 people in the Silver Room when Inertia was spinning. You can't just ignore that.

I don't know if it's the fact that the Ice House has lost its luster or that people were saving up for Ground Zero. Maybe a combination of the two. Maybe last night was just a freak of nature. Whatever the reason, last nights party was a poor excuse for rave attendance. I hope this will change somehow. I hope where ever there is good music, there will be plenty of good people with warm smiles on their faces. Whether there are cops outside or not. Even if it's at the Ice House... or dare I say, even at the Nile. I mean, just how important should the venue be? Isn't it the music that counts? Yeah, I bitched too. But, at least I was there. At least for a little while. I'm sure everyone has their own excuse. But, look at the line up! Look at the music!

I do have to admit though, that for those who could get passed the low turn out, the night WAS full of fun. Those [few] who came to dance, DID dance! All the DJs that I saw did play well. Mint ROCKED! Troy Roberts kicked ass in the Cathedral Room. Inertia played great melodic trance and Deepsky blew the roof off the Silver Room. Markus Schulz was amazing as always and Ovum (Jason Ayers) did great visuals in the courtyard (although, I think the bright stage lights should have been kept away from the video screen - I couldn't see half the stuff on there).

It was obvious that Safari Media and other people who put this event together lost their shirt but, they all kept a great attitude and smiled and just enjoyed the music (as I should have). I hope their next event will bring them a lot more success because I think they deserve it. They brought a lot of great talent to Phoenix and I hope they do it again soon.

Oh, yeah! Water was still $2/bottle ... GRRRRRRRRRR! That's just bad karma! I think all of us who have any sort of legal resource should get together and see if we can pass a law that would make it unlawful to deny people from bringing their own water to any event. Water is as necessary as oxygen to stay alive. Taking advantage of that biological necessity for extra profit is not cool. Please try making your money on other refreshments and leave water to nature.


damn those +18 events!!! "e" for equality should be added to plur equality should be number one. race, gender, and creed don't matter in the vibe. so why should age?? and if the pigs dont let the promoters keep equality real.. they don't have to know about it. dammit!! ok... many say that kidz are too retarded at these events.. many say that 18+ people r too stuck up at these events both may be true... and both may be false but we gotta deal with what we gotta dealz with. what's next,??? you must be this tall to enjoy this party how retarded is that?!

just speaking my mind



DAMN! RESONANCE looked like a phat party! i wouldn't have missed it fer tha world if i was able to go! i heard it was gonna be dope but i didn't think the turnout was gonna be so weak. o well. my hopes (as well as everyone else's i imagine after the tragedies of WHERE IT'S AT and GROUND ZERO) are that THE FOCUS FESTIVAL will make all these trials and tribulations worth it. see you all at FOCUS! it's gonna ROCK!!!


I saw the counter at the door. The number of people was about 1350 -- not 317. I also wish there had been more people. The production was excellent. Just wanted to give you the more accurate attendance numbers. Thanks.

Alan Holcomb

I appreciate the info but I doubt if 1350 is an accurate number... unless over 900 more people showed up after I left at 3:30 am. When Deepsky was playing almost everyone was in the Silver Room and it didn't look like more than 400 people.


AS much as we wanted to see Deepsky play live at resonance, the fact remains that most ravers can only afford one party per weekend, and Christopher Lawrence, Jonboy, and C.L. playing at Lake Pleasant outdoors was just too much to resist. As you all know by now, Ground Zero was cancelled. I'd like to make a little sidenote to the promoters of that party. At 11 pm, 2 hours into the "cancelled" party, they still had not changed the info line to let the ravers know. That is irresponsible, and unforgiveable. PLUR works both ways guys, promoters need to respect the ravers as well. The promoters of Ground Zero should be ashamed of themselves for this. We threw a house party when we got back to Phoenix and had a blast anyway (with the exception of the bong water incident, but I won't get into that). As for resonance, look guys, the icehouse has a bad vibe and EVERYBODY knows this. Security is too uptight (no vicks???) and the age thing is total BS. If you want to throw a party, do it out in the desert where everyone can enjoy it. You would think promoters would have learned this lesson by now. Ahh well, Cest la vie. See you all at Resonance, we all have a missed weekend of raving to make up for!!!!

Big R

Hi Ramy, It's Mare from Safari, there was a broken counter that did not roll the "1" for the "1000" mark over on the counter. We had two counters going, and both had the last three digits right on the same amount. I know there were alot of people that went in and out, and oddly, quite a few left as people arrived. We had a lot of passes, and badges, and we did count over 1300 tickets at the end of the night. I agree, it looked empty at times, but we did that number throughout the night. Maybe next time we'll have a rounder number stay through the entire night! We hope to see you at Caelum, the Masquerade ball in Hollywood October 30th, contact Sarah Gianetto for your passes. Thanks Ramy, it was good seeing you, and thanks to everyone who made it out there. It was an outstanding event despite the below average attendance!


One other PS, we wish we could have thrown an all age event, but the Icehouse was riddled with restrictions, as are multiple venues in Arizona and California. We doubt we will be ID'ing for Zen in California, but the Icehouse required it. We were limited on the availability of a safe venue for this event. Arizona antiraving laws, and curfew laws make all age events very difficult.

FYI, We used a vendor for water, and will consider your recommendations in the future.

I stand corrected about the head count but, I didn't look at the counter myself. I just repeated what the guy who was holding it told me. Next time I'll just quit worring about who showed up and who didn't and just enjoy the music... and the cheap water? ;)


Yes there definatly should have been more people for a line up like that!!!If Safari Media held that party on a Saturday And Not At the Icehouse,or lets just call it the Crackhouse,there would have been a better turn out,but I went to "Where its at".I had a lot of Fun!!!My dawg JSplat played some Awsome Speed Garage!!!!!Then Alex came on and played some of the PHATEST jungle I have heard in a long time!!!!Then Kookane came on and started playing some old classic Kookane shit for about 10 minutes then the Pigs showed up and the musik stoppedThen the Pigs left and the music came back on.Then the music stopped and again and Tim said everyone has to leave because the Oro valley police were on the way!And about 10 minutes later there was a helicopter and out on the main road was about 25 cop cars watching everyone leave.It was about 3:30.But we just went to Picacho Peak and watched the sun come up,and that was quite a memorable experience!So all in all I had a lot of FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will have to introduce myself to you next time I see you Ramy!!!!!!!!!!!


Wes and the Tucson Kidz

The party was PHAT as hell! I had so much fun and I had a chance to talk with Deepsky, who were so very, incredibly nice. They had an amazing set as they always do each time I see them. I was suprised by the small turnout also, a party like that deserves at least a couple more thousand. But I have very much respect for Safari Media for knowing how to throw a great party. Everything from lighting to sound and ESPECIALLY the DJ's were the Best! Thank you for making it possible to see my 2 absolute favorite performers in one night: Deepsky and Andy Hughes. If at all ever possible, PLEASE bring Deepsky back soon! See you all soon!


whewwww...we all admit that their should have been more peep's!! we got their about 11 and i expected more car's and a longer line...but it didn't have neither...i got in and the courtyard was half way empty and then about a half an hour later it was partially one was hardly dancin and that made me fell bad:( i went into the silver room and everything in their was cool..hardly anyone in their either..then i peeked into the cathedral room and their was nothing at all going on in their!!! so back outside we headed...markus was on when we went back outside and he was spinnin like krazee..his set was good as always...i ran into pete and he had done his set before we got their so i missed out on that...danced some to markus's set and then i went to the silver room and inertia was throwin down...grooved to his set some bit and then went back outside..then the peep's on stilts came out and did a show and it was cool..dancin with them and all...they were really into it and i was glad to see someone else was!!! time went by slow...i looked at my watch and it was about friends got bored and i was disappointed but i made the best of it!!! we decided to leave, so i just went home and fell asleep... props to all who helped with this party..just wish their were more people their!!! i never pass up an ICEHOUSE PARTY that's one thing for sure!!!




How about this,all the Promoters get together-Throw one BIG-ASS party at the best possible venue in Arizona!Have world class talent and a huge laser light show!Charge 50 cents for water!Charge no more than 15 to 20 a ticket!Have a huge WALL of speakers in EVERY room andlets have it on New Years!Because All of the promoters owe us somthing for Orgasmic Bliss last year!!!Come on people and lets make this shit happen!!!PEACE!!!!!!


Okay, was only there til midnight (damn work schedule) but all i have to say is MINT! I mean Damn, did those cats kick total ass or what? i haven't heard anything like their groove in a long long time.. Okay, if you were there and you saw Mint then you saw me... i was the big guy in the front with a flannel and yellow glasses dancing like a tripped out monkey with glowsticks. BTW, there was a fella there witha fancy lookin camera takin lotsa pictures and i know he snapped a few of me.. if anybody knows how i can contact him and get a couple prints or whatever, please let me know.. it was during the Mint set. But anyways, i must agree that i was dissapointed by the turnout... and also by the people that did show... there were a few dancers, but by and large, most people just stood around like a buncha slackjawed apes. DANCE! But i digress.. if anybody can hook me up with the fella taking pictures, great, please do.. voicemail is at 602.913.0445. Mucho gracias and all that thanks. :)

*Big Sam the Dancing Man*

well i must say that i saw you dancing like a fool!when i first saw you i started laughing like a idiot!then i introduced myself to you I had a big pink wig on and i was wearing bellbottoms and a sleevless shirt!My name is Jojo and I would like to get in touch with Bigsamthedancinman


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