Simple #5 Review

Jackson Hole is a cozy little bar in downtown Phoenix that occasionally hosts a little something called Simple. It's laid back and comfortable with a fairly good size island bar and a couple of pool tables. But, when they open the door to the warehouse room in the back, it becomes a dance hall perfect for medium size city raves. Granted, the acoustics are not perfect but, the overall ambiance and the vibe makes up for it.

Security could be a bit more relaxed (no backpacks were allowed) but they are generally OK. The bartenders are friendly considering they are not used to serving to 800 thirsty kids all at once while checking for wrist bands. And what little is left of the usual clientele is mostly calm and none aggressive. In fact, I think the only scuffle I saw there that night was between a couple of raver kids which was very quickly over with.

When I got there, Lego was working his magic over the tables as the sweat kept flying off his body into the air. The ACs were not working and I was wondering if all that sweatin' over the records could do any permanent damage. I hope not.

Groove tribe came on next and performed a short but very cool live set along with the powerful, melodic vocals of Alexandra, Aliaa and Deidre Radford (Saltmine Recording).

Finally, DJ Dan wrapped up the night with over 2 hours solid set of hard trance and techno. Despite the lack of AC almost everyone in the big room was dancing by then. Sure, we all had to take occasional cooling off breaks but, many of us (including myself) could not stay off our feet for long and we were soon back on the flloor shakin' up terra firma.

Simple parties are more my kinda city raves. More trance and acid and live performances mixed a more mature attendance. Thanks again Jas for another memorable night.