Sisyphus Review

All I heard for the last few months was how everyone was so sick of Vortex and how they all wished there was another venue where they could party. So, where were those people tonight? Certainly not at the Ice House. This party never got a chance to really get going. No more than 3-400 people showed up. I heard the security was not allowing backpacks in. I also heard this party did not have proper promotion and the fact that it was on a Friday didn't help much either. I also heard the Phoenix rave scene is dying. I don't think so. I think it's just fractioning into smaller scenes in which people do things more specific to their own liking. Nothing wrong with that. I usually prefer smaller parties anyway. They are much more relaxed and problem free.

All in all, I could say Sisyphus was "OK". I had my own fun (as I always do) and did my own thing which is getting some cool shots of whatever I find interesting. I left around 3:30 and went to Vortex since I heard there was another party there and that Sisyphus was about to get shut down. When I got there I found Al and the rest of the gang chatting with a couple of Indians and listening to some hardcore Indian chant music coming out from the back of a beat-up Dutson. Perfect! I joined the little party and chilled for a while until we went back to my house for yet another afterparty. This time, we didn't wake the neighbors. But, there is always a next time;)