Skule Review

There was something weird about the vibe at the Dome on this night. As I walked in, I was greeted by a gangster/pimp looking guy with a cigar, pinstripe suite, a pierced tongue and a gang type hand signal. I wasn't sure what to make of that so, I just smiled and moved on. Outside, the courtyard was transformed to somewhat the opposite of the Desire II party. The stage was now set at the east side but, the projectors still pointed to the huge wall on the west. In the middle, they had set up metallic trusses that formed a cubic space, illuminated with dancing lights. It was pretty cool but, the floor was too dusty and most of the people ended up dancing by the main stage.

Donovan was spinning on the main stage as more and more people began coming in. Inside, DJ Kirk was spinning under the purple blacklights. I went back out and picked up the camcorder and began walking around and taping people and dancers. I got some cool shots and a lot of friendly smiles and hugs (and a few not-so-friendly looks). Unfortunately, Derrick May was a no show but, Kevin Sanderson did a great job. The sound system got worse and worse towards the end and, by the time Keoki came on, the music seemed to be coming out of blown speakers.

I can't say I had as much fun as I could have but, that's probably my own fault. I let a few nasty remarks get to me. It's so sad when all you're trying to do is help the scene and some people who don't even know your name accuse you of just the opposite. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's my appearance (older and without 5' wide pants). But, in one case, I could smell the alcohol on one persons breath from a mile away as he was waving the beer bottle at me and bad mouthing me. Now, I'm not gonna name any names (specially since he finally appologized). About the only thing I can suggest to the promoters is to try to keep the alcohol out of the scene (even back stage).

Anyway, I was happy with most of the music and everyone else was just great. I got some cool video shots and finally, the after party completely brought my good mood back, as it usually does;)