Solar Plexus Review

This party happened at the same venue as Double Hit Mickeys' did but, it wasn't as hot and humid thanks to some ventilation and somewhat lower turnout. I heard a few complaints about the security. They even took my pen away (but I went back and explained to a cooler head that I needed it to write notes for my photographs and not deface the immaculate walls). And the cops showed up a couple of times threatening to shut the party down because some people were illegally parking in the neighboring apartment complex. But, those who came to enjoy themselves and cherish the music got passed all that crap and did just that. Personaaly, I can have as much fun (if not more) as I would in a world's biggest party if I only have a couple of good friends and some cool CDs with me.

There were fewer rooms open this time and fewer DJs playing so I got to hear more of each DJs set. Sometimes people seem to forget what the phrase less is more really mean. I've been in this scene only for about two years and I've already lost my fascination with over glamorized parties. I had much more fun at Starlight than I did at Oracle.

Actually, all I really have to say about this party was that it was another Candyman Production. Every time I go to their parties, I see Scott and Treva running around, looking almost like worried parents trying to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible - and it always has.

Thanks again Candyman... and woman;)