This was a quaint little party much like Emerald Forest. The area was at the bottom of a small valley surrounded by hills and a clear running stream. The vibe was magical, the air was cool and pristine and the stars were bright. No one wanted this to end and many stayed until Al stopped spinning around 7 am.

Although this party was very small, it took about 4-5 of us about an hour to pick up the trash (including cigarette butts). I actually like doing this once in a while but, if every one just picked up after themselves it would be even better. If we want to continue partying in the desert free from security and authority we must show respect to the environment and leave it behind in the same condition (if not better) than we found it. I also like to see this side of the scene be kept as underground as possible. I think we should keep the number of people attending these parties and the frequency of them low so as to not draw too much attention from the powers to be.

Thank you Paul for a wonderful time... As tired as I was, I felt completely refreshed when I left.