Two nights of The Nile in a row? Well, not exactly. I spent most of the night at the new home of Sarah and Ryan (AKA Galaxy Girl and DJ Inertia). It was a cozy house warming party with Sinbad, CL McSpadden and Dave Ralph spinning some great trance. I snuck out for a couple hours to photograph The Nile. I felt like James Bond, disguised as a house guset while on a secret assignment;) I even had the beautiful Rebeka (AKA the James Bond Girl) with me. It was lots of fun. It's a good thing they didn't have too much trance at the Nile (WOW! Did I say that?). It made it much easier to go back to the party and listent to my favorite DJs spin on fresh laid carpet... not to mention dance next to Rebeka;)

When we got there, DJ Rectangle was spinning some funky Hip Hop set in the main room. He even got the crowd worked up by doing his imitation of Little Richard on the tables. Joe Bear rocked the basement with some hard and heavy trance. Trek followed up with the same energy. But, the basement was an oven as usual so, I went back upstairs to finish my photos. DJ Heretic came up next and spun the night away into a jungle frenzy. We headed back to the house party and left the Nile people to sweat it up. Looked like they were gonna have a ball regardless.