Summer Love Review

Vapourspace cancelled, Frequency Tweeks got to play only for 1/2 hour and only 75 people showed up. So, did this party suck? Not by a long shot. It was awsome! Why? Because the music was great... duh!

PAR (Professional Audio Reinforcement) provided the crisp and powerful sounds and Burning Retina came back for another awsome light show. The security was much more relaxed and friendlier than the one for Det har ar techno and the bartenders, Debby and Erika never stopped smiling as they served the thirsty crowd.

Gary Menichiello was already playing when we got there. He was spinning some solid ass techno as usual and I took more cool shots of him (as usual). Not many people were dancing then 'cause not many people were there yet. But after a while, those who were there got tired of waiting for more to show up and just started dancing and having a great time. The best part, you had plenty more room to dance.

C.L. McSpadden followed Gary with yet another great set of house and techno that got me, Yvonne and many more stomping the floor. DJ Ira played next with a great variety of hard house and techno followed by Kemek & Eric McCoy of Frequency Tweek who played live but only for about 30 minuted due to equipment malfunction.

Robert Oleysyck played until closing time and he rocked the house down. Great build-ups and mixes. I didn't stop dancing until he stopped playing. It was time for another after party at my house... YEAH;)