I got there around 11 pm and to my surprise, there were no lines at the door. Everyone said this should be expected of a new venue but I was still hoping to see more people there - specially when everyone (including myself) always bitch about overusing the old venues.

Power Plant is located on the frontage road, just south of Thomas, off I-17. Aside from Pompeii and Bash on Ash, it's one of the cleanest and coolest venues in town. It has a medium side (almost half the Nile) open room with high ceiling and a long bar. Being mainly a night club, it's obviously geared towards the older crowd and servicing alcohol. Although, on this night hardly anyone was drinking.

Not many were dancing, either. I kept telling myself it will take some getting used to and people will eventually loosen up and start dancing. But by the time I left, around 3:30 am, only a handful were dancing. I think this was mostly due to the low turnout. Hopefully next time it will really take off. I kinda like this place. It's carpeted wall to wall and it feels open and comfortable... and it's certainly no place for dirty, sweaty E-pits where crappy tabloid programs like Dateline would have another field day with it. You just feel responsible walking in. It might hurt the "vibe" a bit but if you're there to dance and get into the music, you will have a ball.

DJ Scott Stubbs from Nevada spun some bad ass techno until CL McSpadden came on and performed an all too short, but wonderful live set. He got the small crowd roaring for more but they'll have to wait 'till next time. I thought he should have carried his live set into an hour of his usuall bad ass mix. Who knows, maybe next time. Jason Patrick from Maryland and DJ Brian from Canada came up next and kept the vibe going strong.

I took off after that since I was getting tired and there weren't that many people left by then. Like I said before, this probably would have been a much better party had it not been for such a small turn out. But, it still rocked thanks to all the great DJs and thanks to David Cordova for all his efforts in throwing this party. See you all at the next desert rave.


I origionally wasnt gonna go, cuz it was farther out than I felt like driving. But I finally did and got there roughly around 11. The no lines kinda surprised me and ai hoped it as cuz they opened early and everyone was inside. So I went in with a few friends and it was like empty. Not really but sorta. No one was there. everyone bailed for reasons unknown. But the DJs played some great funky stuff and the place is just fabulous. It feels so homey(Not homieG but casa home) that is all, hope to see everyone at the nest one. *PLUR*


Thank u David for a wonderful line up and for all the love you put into this party!!!!!!!!!!! The bad turn out was becuase its a club!!!!!! great music and a wonderful wonderful job done from the guards at the "power plant"!!!!!! ha ha what jerks these guys were I love you david and maria for this wonderful party!!!!!!!! Thank u all for comming out and showing us all a good time!!!!!!!!

p.s. great pics ramy!!!!!!!!

The EskimO


it's been a while since the party but still, i'd jus like to mention that i thought it was a great party and i had a fantabulous time. not a huge turnout but still fun and everything that a party ought to be as far as venue quality, security, talent, etc. goes. CL's live set was absolutely terrific and for those that weren't there: you really missed out on a great set by an up and coming local artist. in addition, the night promised dj brian, scott stubbs, michael trance, and it was even better still. it was also great seeing so many people and (believe it or not) NO CUDDLE PUDDLES so there was plenty of dancing room. alas, there was lots of room but less than lots of people dancing which made me think about why people go to parties. *shrug* ah well. until the next one... CHAIN REACTION, july 1st. peace to all the party people.


i had a blast!!! i got there around 1 cuz i my friends and i didnt rememeber what a fronted road was. there wasnt that many people there but i still had a good time. i met sooooooo many new peoples!! and i remember all of 'em!! i think i might have met almost everyone!! the musik kiked major ass and there were no cuddle puddles!! there was lotz of room to dance and barely anyone took advantage of it!! i danced on and off all nite. hmm...i dont have anything else to write but i hope everyone there had fun!!

princess elmo

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