Time Review

WOW! What a night! The music, the vibe, the people... everything was perfect at Pompeii tonight. Dream Music and Kind joined forces to bring a night of outstanding music to Phoenix that will be very hard to top.

By the time I got there, Emile already had the crowd on it's feet and the dance floor was a moving mass of bodies. When Inertia came on, I could almost see people's souls flying off through the roof. Ryan played yet another potent set of funky house and deep, progressive trance and I felt so lucky to be there with the camcorder in my hand to capture it all.

Marcus Schulz came on next to inject an overdose of electricity into the crowd and give them all the juice they needed for the rest of the night. Dream Traveler then came on to perform his first live set and play he did. He had the crowd dancing into a perpetual ascending trance and when Robert Oleysyck joined in, Pompeii was literally coming off it's hinges. The only thing that was missing was to have the roof removed to see the stars dance to the music.

This was truly a memorable night filled with awesome music and endless smiles. We need to do this again. And soon. I only wish someday, we can have a rave like this in a full moon summer night in a place like the Joshua Tree national park. That would be a night when you could come away from it feeling like you've taken a leap in human evolution.