After two months of relentless work, I finally found some free time to check out another party (I didn't even get a flyer for this party so if you got an extra one please let me know). I found out there was a great party tonight in Tucson but I wasn't disappointed that I went to this one. I don't mind going to parties at the Nile any more... I've almost come to expect it.

The first thing I noticed was the sound by GOD. It was AWESOME! Crisp and clear with just enough bass to vibrate your bones without tearing apart your ear drums. There were plenty of great glow stick dancers and I couldn't help but to take a few extra shots of them.

DJ Snail and MC Puma were on the main stage, rocking the room. DJ Strawberry was in the back room, impressing the crowd with her first gig at the Nile. DJ Frequency spun a great set of HH in the basement. Hixxy and MC Storm then took over the main stage and the crowd responded with endless roaring cheers.

I left pretty early (by raver standards) but I did have a great time. I didn't see too many familiar faces though. I can't believe the scene would change that much in two months. Maybe everyone I know was down in Tucson.


The scene has really changed in 2 months it is changing for the bad.. There is to many drugs and there isn't that many old schoolers they are all leaving for some un known reason. I have raved since 97 and I really don't feel the parties anymore there is no more vibes it is to based on drugs. The scene needs help. Or it will die and fade away with it only being a memory, How can we help get the scene back to how it was make a rave be a rave standing with only plur, I cant go to a party anymore when people talk shit and start mosh pits like at toy town How can we fix the scene. Can you help at all? Sorry for all the stressin its just that I really like the scene and its dieing really fast.

love always

...and so a few nights before TOy*Town, i decided to release the pre-flyers for my party (fantastica) earlier than planned. I called the Promoter of the event and got myself on the guest list (Thanks Denny).

We show up at 10:30 and the parking lot is packed with cars, so what is the first thing we do? Flyers on every car. We go up to the venue, and all the ravers are standing in line. It happens that there was a punk rawk show (Aquabats), that let out before our party. So whose cars did I just flyer, yupp, the punk rawkers. That I found so amusing since out here there are two seperate genres, and they hate us, for no apparent reason.

Anyway, so i passed out a flyer to EVERYONE in line, and got everyone saying, "oooh fantasia", but my party name is FANTASTICA!!! err... hehehe, but its all gravy.

I walked to the front of the line, walked in, and there were about 500 ravers packed into a room like sardines. A room meant to hold about 250 people. They were all grooving to the sounds of Dj Skits, as he pumped some hard hitting bass out of this floor. The vibe down here was amazing, I absolutely could tell this party was going to rock from that second on.

I passed out flyers down here some more until the opened up the main room upstairs. I got upstairs about 11 pm. I talked to the lighting guys up here, who happened to be BTs lighting guys, which totally rocked. These guys put on the most amazing light show I have ever seen, and I never thought the Nile could look this amazing. As I was talking to them, Skits came up and heard that I was promoting and gave me a Demo tape. A girl he was with gave me a tape also, which completely rocked, and I dont even like trance much (which is what this tape was).

Throughout the night, I wandered around, talking to various DJs, Promoters, etc. Then Hixxy and Mc Storm came on. OMFG, they ripped this place apart. Storm had the place so high energy, it probably didnt need electricity to operate. It was an amazing set, the place, I thought was going to explode as the energy filled the air. About half way through his set I left the stage to dance harder than I ever had, and boy am I feeling it today. I was debating whether to have Sy and Storm at my party, and now I know if i can find the investor to support me, that they are certain to be there. Mc Storm knows how to work up a crowd.

As I was about to leave (about 2:00 am) I passed out a few more flyers, about 1000 total for the night, and headed on my way home. We listened to the mix tapes, which I was so happy to hear were not HHC. I mean I love HHC but every new DJ on the scene is spinning it, its good to see a chance in flow.

Overall, this party was one of the greatest I have been to, and congratulation to the H4B crew for having such an amazing event. I look forward to more to come. There are more pictures on my site, check em out.


toy town ruled hixxy and storm were the shit and deadnoise rocked the place he was the best and as far as moshing at raves goes id rather see a buncha kids moshing than sitting around in stupid ass cuddle puddles molesting each other wouldnt you skittlez and if thats the first time youve seen kids mosh to hardcore you must not been raving long.

hardcore will never die

Toy Town wasn't all that bad. Hixxy and Storm rocked the stage. I must say that we need to bring back the real reason for parties...the music. I saw way to many E-Puddles on the floors, where I could have been dancing. E is for house parties where you can chill, not for parties where most just want to dance.It seems as if the drugs have taken over the whole scene, which is quite sad. Well, I'm done preaching:) In the mean time, keep raving and keep the scene underground like it used to be.


this was an grEat linE up, but comE on, can wE plEasE find a bEttEr placE than thE nilE. although thE scEnE has changEd it can only gEt bEttEr.


Toy Town I was looking forward to for a while there, and man, was it worth the wait! I must say seeing Storm live was awesome and talking with Hixxy was interesting (considering my first face to face meeting with him occured but a few months back when he was loudly and proudly letting one rip on the hotel bed of Mr. Juice and didn't know there was a girl in the room until it was too late). he was a real sound guy and gave me the number of the record store he's at for when I went to London, said if I needed any help while i'm there to give him a call. I have to say that was the most fun I have had at any party in a while! we need to bring these guys back!


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