Tranceformation 2000

The party was at the Family Fun Center (same spot as Piglet) about 80 miles south of Phoenix. We got there around 11 pm. There was a line of cars about 1/2 mile long that led to the entrance. There were also more cops than you could shake a night stick at and they were pulling cars over left and right. But once inside, they pretty much left people alone. I didn't see any arrest that night. The security was also pretty relaxed and except for yelling at a couple of people to get off the light poles by the main stage they also left people alone.

They had three stages set up, the main stage for trance, the smaller one for happy hardcore and hip hop and the third one for fire acts, etc. Mixing hip hop and trance might help bring more people by adding to the diversity of a party but it seems to hurt the overall vibe. It's like mixing too many spices together. At one point, they brought a hip hop act to the main stage but they got booed off in ten minutes. Other than that, the music was great. Entyse spun a tight set followed by Scott Henry with an equally great set. Then it was time for the Platipus who ROCKED with an amazing live performance. They brought the crowd up to new heights and got just about everyone up on their feet, dancing and screaming.

Doran came up next and kept the vibe alive almost until dawn. Magma Vox performed a sizzling fire act on the middle stage in front of a giant video screen. Later, they performed a few smaller acts on the grounds with crowds circling around them. I pretty much avoided the second stage but it did maintain a small crowd of happy hardcore and hip hop lovers all night.

The only thing that I found annoying was not allowing anyone to bring even water bottles inside with them and the vendors only had warm water for $2. They should have asked Sarah come in with her Eyecandy booth. She brought soup and hot chocolate for people at Piglet and it really hit the spot. But there were plenty of toy vendors with tons of glowsticks and candy necklaces. They also handed out fresh fruit in the morning which was much appreciated by all. The sunrise was truly beautiful. Hundreds climbed the hill to get soaked by the first golden rays and about a thousand were left in front of the stage to keep soaking up the music.

I heard only a few people give this party thumbs down. Most people I talked to said this was the best party so far this year. One can always find flaws in anything and this party had a few of it's own, much like any other event. But when you look at the overall picture you'll see the effort the promoters must put into something like this and all the obstacles they must overcome. So, all things considered, I'd say they deserve much props for Tranceformation 2000. Thanks guys for a great night and the wonderful music.


T 2000 was by far the best party that has gone on this year. open space, loud A$$ music, a wonderful stage set up (main stage). who could ask for more???????? Any1 that thinks they can do better do it!!!!!! it made me mad when people looked down on this party!!!!!! Anyways this party had the biggest turn out of the year so far!!!!! so much props to the promoters and all the happy people that were there!!!!!!!

P.L.U.R. to all the ravers that still believe in the power of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Eskimo

This party definatly ROCKeD!!! I have never heard a live performance move the crowd as much as Platipus did. It was crazy! Much props and respect to all that put this together! 'Till next time, PLUR.


I must say the party was the best I have been to in some time. Hope there are more like this to come.


I must admit, I went to tranceformation 2000 for Platipus and the trance. But, as I wandered around the scene lookoing for a friend, I stumbled upon the second stage.....Hey DJ! Who's my DJ! Feel the drum and bass! Next thing I notice, I can't stop moving. The deep bass and high speed beat forced my hands to flow and glow along with MC ? as he spit his tounge twisting lyrics reppin the UK. NEVER have I been so entranced with the beat before. It wasn't hardcore or hip hop, it was a fat rhythmic drum and bass beat with a lyrical representation that would make anybody move. I agree that maybe a hip-hop set was not appropriate in front of thousands of ravers, but that's because Hip-hop produces a different vibe than trance. But put that drum and bass shit up there and MC ?, and I guarantee the place gets going. Remember, I came to have the trance take me away, but it was that secondary stage that captured my mind and didn't let go until the end of the set. Who's my DJ! That shit was nasty! Now because of T 2000's second stage, I have a new style music which gets into my body and mind like Platipus and progressive trance does. It's three days after the party and I stil cannot get that beat and MC ?'s words out of my head. One love Long Island,NY


Well, when I rolled up to the car check line there were about 2 rent-a-cops checkin people's cars. The next stop was the ticket checker. After we parked we approached the "main" entrance. There was one cop with a metal detector to my right and one with a flashlight to my left. Being as paranoid as I am I chose the guy with the flashlight. I saw a guy in front of me just show the cop what he had in his pockets. I showed him my wallet and after admiring my ID let me in with a pleasant "have a good time." I saw one police car parked inside the giant mini-valley area. Enough about the poes though, the music was great and as Mick said... the second stage was strangely attractive. Platipus arrived in a big ass limo and rocked the place to hell. Also, Scott Henry and "Twin Peaks" (Pure Nova and Eyal) really kept people jumping. Tonka did a great job providing like 75 cabinets of sound plus many more speakers on the main stage.. and what looked like just a wall of sound on the second. Black Eyed Peas cancelled out and were replaced by "Tha Alkoholics" which left pretty soon after being booed for sayin dumb shit like "Where muh killas at?" and "Arizona" over and over again. Still, the best party this year by far. I can't wait for the next Wise Guys event.

I totaly feel the same. This was my very first RAVE and i was engulfed onto a trance I have never experienced. It was also my first time to roll. This experience was also energized by this cute girl(nicole)I met "she is the one one the front row with the big glasses on in the 13th thumbnail" She is an amaizing person and she made everything perfect. I am glad I got to experience this with so many loving people. I am from New Mexico so we don't get to see alot of the whole rave sceen, but believe I will be back next year for tranceformation 2001. Peace Love unity and Respect

P.s Nicole and I are now talking and writing each other and are making plans to see each other in the future, all thanks to the people that made it possible.

P.S.S I have looked all over the internet for some music from Platipus and I can't seem to find any, i would greatly apprechiate any information on how to purchace any of their albums, any one looking for a didjeridoo player

Chris McVay

A message from Wise Guys Productions:

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for coming out for Tranceformation 2000. We are very excited to report the largest attendence in Arizona history. On 4/29/00 5400 dance music fanatics came out to celebrate the arrival of Platipus Sound Stsyem, Noel Sanger, Scott Henry, Doran, the first ever live appearance of Twin Peaks, MC?, and a variety of other acts from in town and out of state. We first want to appologize for the last minute cancellation of The Black Eyed Peas. We were very lucky to be able to bring out Tha Alkoholiks as a compporable replacement. Second of all, we like to appologize for the absence of The World Famous Beat Junkies. Unfortunately, they were caught in customs coming back from out of the country. Finally, we'd like to appologize for lack of parking.

On the other hand, we at Wise Guys Productions feel that Tranceformation 2000 was a total and complete success. Over the past few years we have offered Arizona the ultimate and total sensory overload and are convinced that Saturday night was nothing less than what Arizona has come to expect from our company. In the future Wise Guys Productions will continue to offer quality events that will always transcend the last. Thank you for supporting us in the past, and here's to partying together in the future.

Darren & Brian
Wise Guys Productions

The Trance sucked.Im sorry trance to me is a drugged up monkey music.Its all about MUDD!Dirty Pirate ship JUNGLE!The second stage was bad ass.Dcomplex,Ezra,and Subcode did a Outstanding job!Im really not a fan of Mc?.But the Dubplates were kikin so it dont matter.I thought the Alkoholiks were Dope.I was expecting to see more people.Go to Electric Daisy Carnival on June 24th and THEN tell me what was the best party of the Year.Were bringing out The Freestylers,Bt,Bad Company,Kenny Ken,SS w/ Mc Warren G,Diesel Boy,Westbam,and manymanymany more its gonna go OFF just like I told you Audiotistic did!SO DONT MISS THIS SHIT! PEACE...

Insomniac Arizona

was up!!!! i luved t2000!!!first of all i had 2 get a ride and when i found it i didn't even know the person but we became quick friends and danced all night and we r goin 2 the next tranceformation 2 gether. please have it at the same spot.


T2000 was a dope party.I would have really liked to see the Blackeyed Peas,but oh well shit happens.I've heard that T2000 was wiseguy's productions last party ? Hopefully there might be another. Anywayz, the party had great people, representing p.l.u.r. and great music, and a really bomb-ass lights. peace out p.l.u.r


Transformation2k is definately one of the greatest parties I have EVER been too. I have not been in the raving scene for long but I can definately say that this has been the most memorable so far.

Much love to everyone out there and KEEP ON DANCING.


I must say that T2K was one of the Phatest parties I have been to. Although I have been to a pretty good amount of raves I must say this was one of the best. I was anxious for Transformation for about the one month I knew about it and now I cant waitfor next years. There will be a next years right?....

Well I guess I will see all of you later at many other great parties so be cool and KEEP PARTYING!


23 Naughty Nympho Nuns

Transformation was an awesome party the biggest I have been to in AZ. The only thing that sucked was we had to park up by the flyin J and walk about a mile to the party. But that was ok with me when I got into the party and saw about 5000 kids ! Parties should be like that every weekend. Keep the scene growing much LOVE.


When I first heard about Tranceformation I was a hyped up because Wise Guys know how to throw dope parties. After hearing mad rumours of it being in Pima County Fair Grounds, Marana sky diving park, Breakers, and ohter places, I was shocked at first when I heard that it was going to be in Eloy, where the cow population is bigger than the human. When we got there we couldn't stop emphasizing how pimped out it was gonna be. I was a lil disapointed when I found out the Black Eyed Peas weren't gonna be there and more when the Beat Junkies failed to show. But when I saw the Liks come out for 2.5 seconds with thier dope ass 8 year old emcce I was giving T2000 mad props! lol was one of the dopest raves I've been to in a while. I felt like a kid in disnEy land... I was a lil bummed out cuz i bought a bad pill off sum if i ever catch that Thx a lot to everyone who made the party dope!!! much <3,

the infamous, Djay


damn that was a nice party, i must say. i was kinda disappointed cuz BEP didnt show up, but the alkaholics made up for it i guess. mad props to wise guy, you kids did it again. keep it real kids, we need some serious drama reduction in this scene, so just remember, think about what you say, and its ok to voice your opinion as long as its honestly what you believe. no more bullshit pleeeeeez, just keep it real.


Anyone ever think of bringing some hardcore or Techno...Dj Submerge and Delta 9 from Chicago Would rock it here.

First I would like to say mad props to Wise Guys. Yuo have done it again. This is by far one of the fattest parties I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of parties!! Platipus ROCKED the place. They had me dancin like I have never danced before. Mad props!!! Thank you to all of the kids that made this party that much better. I was happy to see so many people I havent seen in a long time come together and have a great time. It was deffinately and interesting night. I cant wait untill the next one. We need to through more parties like this. A couple of my friends were driving back to San Diego and got into a pretty nasty car accident so if you guys are reading this I want you to know I love you. For everyone else that reads this PLEASE be safe. Sleep before you drive long distances and make sure you have a designated driver. You kids are what make the scene. I would hate to see you get killed doing stupid sh*it!! Well, I love you all And I cant wait to see you again.Untill next time..... P.L.U.R Much <3 :) !!!!!


I thought t2000 was dope, poeple were dope and music was so damn awsome! Someone else said it when they said parties should be like that every weekend! We all party for then samne reason,music,love and unity right.So lets unit like we did at t2000. I want to thank the producers and what a phat line up they had and that producers should really make an appearence on stage as well so we know who you are!!!! One thing that did sadden me that on the ride home we saw a flipped car, I really hope poeple don't drive to messed up.I don't want to see my raver family die from drugs!

Anyway, thanx alot wise guys! You ROCKED!


T2 was awesome, I thought all the music was grEat!! This partiee was off the hook. This is was Raves are all about lots of freindly Ravers good music and an awesome atmospere! We need more like this in AZ. I know the people Erlisha is talking about and they are OKAY!! Looking forward to the up and coming partiEs this summer I wish they all could be as awesome as T2. Thanks WISE GUYS!! Stay happE!!


T2k was a great party with a phat line up. The only problem I had with the rave were the narks out there. Older people who come around and ask hey man, do you have any ecstacy or acid? F*** them. This is our scene and i hate to see ignorant people walk around and try to bust kids for pills. some guys asked my friend for pills while someone else was taping on camera. to all you ravers, keep it real and bE careful.


This party sent me to another planet. From the moment I got to the rave, when Scott Henry was rippin it up, I was bouncin to the beat. After the momentary lapse on stage one while we waited for Platipus, I walked around and was overcome with synergy of the scene. Once Platipus came on, I experience a euphoria greater than I even expected. I came to the rave for Platipus, expecting a killer show, but once I was there, I realized that this rave went above and beyond. The green lasers bouncing off the distant mountains were some serious eye candy and I was held hypnotized more than once. I honestly cannot say enough about how fucking awesome all the DJ's were. I spoke to one of the promoters on the hill that night after his girlfriend bummed me a smoke and he told me about the whole laser thing and the months of prep they put into this party, and all I can say is !Thank You! Thanks to everyone who made this rave possible and all the beautiful people who shared in the vibe and flow of this party. You all rock!

letting my body flow with the sounds of music,


Oh Garsh,I had ssssooo march fun at Arseforfation that I still havent comE back yet,and ssooo hasnt my boyfriendsss.I must say that Platipus are now my new Boyfriends.I lovE everything.I lovE glitter and sparkarse and I loved scoot,scoot,scooting at Arseformation and I arse all of you!


Dude what can i say this party kicked hella phat ass with kewl phat beats we need more like these in arizona.


T2000 was an awsome party which i am sure was already confermed. I didn't even plan on going to the party cause i had no money :( Buuuuutttt my friend Triniti gave me 20$ to go and my other friend Toad (hottie) gave me 5$. When we finally got to the entrance they said it was 30$ the guy let me in anyways, my night went great. I seen alot of friends that i haven't seen in awhile and i met alot of new kick ass people. I dance all night then watched the sun rise. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! PLUR!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Heart Bunny

Tranceformation 2000 was my first rave and I LOVED IT!!! =) Can't remember ALL of it.... but everything that I do, was a blast. Platipus was totally awesome too! One of the things that I really liked was just looking up at the stars and seeing the green laser roof =) oh yeah. And every time I've driven down to Tucson, I've passed that crazy place and have always wanted to know what it was for!!!!! Well, having raves there is an excellent use for it! Hopefully Golden 2000 will be there!


i went to transformation, and ive been to raves..... big ones..... but i loved everything about transformation besides that they took out drinky drink out of our coolers went entering, but they left the cooler.... which was cool.... platipus kicked ass... even thinking about them... brings back great memories + makes my heart pound... this weekend i will be turning 21 and attending paradise w/ about 15 of my friends, i hope paradise will be almost as good as transformation thank you everybody for making it such a positive experience... until next time.... schalina


T2000 changed my perspective on People and life. It was so phat. It was all about unity, love and being free. I along with a grip of my friends had the best time of their lives. Sure, some things could've been better but overall, Platipus and everyone had the place slamming in positivity. It was so beautiful on top of that mountain watching everyone rave their soul out. PLUR see you next year...


All I can say is Tranceformation 2000 rocked my ass. Looking over the pics makes me want to rewind time and be back on that hill next to those three palm trees feeling the beats rock my body. Also to be with my girls Shera, Karabear, Smokey and Munchkin would make me the happiest shorty alive. Its all gravy baby until next time.

Shorty E

tranceformation2o0o was my first and fav party :). i loved the vibes, the music, the sound, the people, the love, everything. that party opened the doors of my favorite thing in the whole world :)

much love,
tina, BaBy WiSkErS

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