YES! YES! YES! THIS is how a rave should be. Great location, great line up and every permit, sound and light system in order. And for what? $12-15? WOW! How do they do that? I don't know but, Top Dog productions got my respect... one more time! The only problem that I noticed was the entrance. Apparently, there was only one door for ticket holders and one door for ticket buyers. Now, at Assembly they had only about 1000 people and three lines for getting in. Here, there was over 2500 people and only two lines. As a result, there was a mass of people outside almost until 2 am.

Once inside, the fun began and all the troubles were left behind. All the DJs kicked ass and the sound system was crystal clear and bumping none stop. The venue was a healthy size sports complex and the party was held on the outfield of a baseball field. There was only one stage, which was fine by me, surrounded by two walls of speakers. To the right of the stage was a video screen where they showed episodes of Simpsons and other cartoons and videos. To the left was a psychedelic chill tent with all kinds of cool fluorescent paintings. There was a huge concession and facilities building right after the entrance which was constantly full of people. They were selling pizza and drinks all night long. They must have made a killing just on the consessions.

DJ Brainchild was spinning when we got there and he had the crowd worked up pretty good. By the time Entyse came up, they were ready for him. You could almost feel the ground shaking as 2-3000 people stomped the outfield. Pure Nova came up next for an amazing live set. Doran and Bittermonk also spun great sets of their own. This was a wall to wall trance (as the name suggests), all on one single stage.

Two nights of pure trance... and it's not even my birthday! This was definitely a weekend trance lovers like me could enjoy to the fullest. In fact, after the party we went to my place and did nothing but dance for the next 12 hours. Didn't wake up until 12 noon on Monday. Being you own boss has its advantages:)


omg i absolutly <3'ed this part*e!!!!!! i am sOoOoOoO very happy i ended the summer this way!! i had a lotta fun despite that dreaded line but hey it was worth the wait...only wish i had was that it didnt end!! And yes of course that them BOX boys from phx were there...but the music was fantastic, the vibe was good (everyone with blankets was welcoming those without any), the temp was perfect...and of course i was with the boy i love mostess = ) The cartoons were a cute addition...ohh and i just loved the music! im a total trance fan now...P*L*U*R!!!!!

<3 Ms. V.B.

This rave was the ULTIMATE party I have ever been to. It had the killer line-up and a great price....and it lasted all night long....unlike Kaboom!. The vibe at Translucent was so excellent too. The only problem the whole night was the entrance. I got in rather quickly but I sat for two hours getting hassled by security because I was waiting for my close friends. I couldn't have entered the party without them at my side. As soon as we all got in the party was already bumping and we were ready for the best party by far in a while. The fresh fruit being passed around when the sun came up was very refreshing and a very nice touch. The vibe at this party was too good to be true and the music was even better. Plus what made the night better was that the whole Sierra Vista raver crew was there. We made this the party to attend. 20 Sierra Vista ravers were there partying all night long. It was a blast!! There needs to be more parties like Translucent and Tranceformation99 to attend. I will definately be at the next party you guys throw.


What can you say about a rave where a "We Love E!" Chant breaks out in the crowd? This was by far the best lineup of DJ's we have had in Arizona in a long time. What awesome music... truly astonishing. We brought our video camera and were flashed several times by some lovely raver girls in addition to being treated to several acts of... well, you can probably figure it out. Could this party have been any better?? Our only complaint was that they did not allow tents inside, but it was a minor annoyance. Props to the promoters... May trance forever rule the Arizona rave scene!!!


All I can say is Phat, Phat, PHAT! This by far is one of my favorite parties ever. And I met Mr Living Art too. : )

The sound, the music, the people, the lights, the amount of people, and the VIBE! All were one of the best I have seen since Tranceformation 99.

The music was incredible. The sound was perfect. BrainChild, Entyse, and Bittermonk were all great. And Pure Nova... all I have to say is WOW! There is nothing he could have done to make his set any more perfect!

It was nice to have a new venue, and Sportpark is very big. BUt the entrance thing really sucked. I was at the front, but my friend were stuck outside until hours after I got in. And the entrance to the field sucked too. Also, they should have atleast allowed water in. Too many kids had to dump their bottles at the beginning in my opinion.

The grass really sucked at the beginning, it was too soft to dance on. But oafter about a half an hour of repeated stomping (which probably killed the grass!) I was very happy. We stayed way past the end! I had to drag my friends out in order to leave. : ) No one wanted to return to the other world from which we seemed to leave behind that night.


Diana and I(Ambrosha) have been to many parties together and this had to be one of the best ones. Waiting in line for 3 hrs. really sucked. But once we were in and heard the music we totally forgot about the line. The DJs kicked ass and the vibes were all about P.L.U.R. which is something that we havent experienced in Tucson for a while. The location was rockin and the grass was a huge plus. We would like to thank all the DJs and all the party kids for a kick ass time :) P.S. Check us out in the photo reviews!

Ambrosha & Diana

The directions were a little misleading, we took a first left and got back on the highway along with several others who had to go a couple miles South and come back. The line at the door was just a joke, especially for people, like me, who already had their tickets and could not get through. It was really big inside the park and we found a cool spot to set up our blanket kind of near the Simpsons screen. The vibe I thought was really cool. After about an hour everything started to kick in and I got in the groove of the music. The first few DJs were OK, nothing I did not want to miss, but at about 3 or 4 some real good house was being spun. I was hoping there would have been a second stage with hardcore or something. We still had a real good time though, up until the last house/techno DJ as the sun was coming up. This guy sent quite a few people sitting from the dance area. They totally redeemed themselves with the drum and bass acts after this guy. There was a guy rapping over the jungle music, awesome. This shows the Tucson scene is real strong, hope to see you all at the Electric Moon.

Jon Le Grand

OMG!!! PHAT PHAT PHAT!!!!!!!! Best pawtie of mah life people!!! Nevah have I felt so many good vibes from one group of wonderful people!! And $12!!! OMG.... Dj's, amazing, cops, nice (wow huh???) it wuz great!!!! so amazing!!! and I even got married! hehehe I met soo many wonderful people....... It's my last partie fer a while but at least I went out with a bang!!! Lotsa luv and **P**L**U**R**


the party way beautiful.after for waiting in line for awhile i finally got in and went straight to the dance floor.i couldn't believe my eyes!the music was perhaps the best i've heard at a party.pure nova was the bomb.entyse rocked the house,all the djs were great.the location was perfect, huge dancefloor, snackbar, everything i look for in a party.the vibe was the best ive seen since...ever!everyone was so nice.the fruit in the morning was just what i needed to give me more energy to dance my ass off for the sunrise.the speaker set up was superb, the simpsons and all the other whack cartoons was dope.this one will definately go down in my list of dope ass partys.thanx for a great night.see you around.lates.Big-D


all i have to say about this partee is it kicked the ass of any and all parties before it. it was the most beautiful display of happiness and energy that ive ever experienced. the arizona partee scene needs more parties like this!! promoters listen! 2500 fucking people here! use your brains! i just cant wait until the next dope ass party that passes this one up. for a while i thought our scene was going bye bye, but this partee proved me wrong! keep on loving eachother, because its making things like this happen! PLUR

miss serota

The night started with a line from hell!!! But when we all started singing in line the hour and a half went really fast. Then the party really started to bump. All the Dj's rocked Arizona's world. I really liked being able to see the sunrise and look at the rave and see thousands of kids still dancing along with me. I have to say the party was one of the best i have ever been to. Props to Top Dawg Productions. Peace Love Unity and Bring The Noise!!!!!!


what else can i add that my friend geoff didn't? well, to recap on what he said, the line was a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! oh yeah! then i liked how organized the confusion was and having to wait about two or three hours to make sure all of our friends made it inside before i could go out and dance a whole hell of a lot. well, i started thinking that one dj area wasn't going to be enough to give all us Happy Ravers a good, jolly time, but boy was i wrong. trance is great. it's so beautiful and hits you in that special spot that you can't quite figure is, and everyone around you is so happy and feeling it and.... oh my jesus, it's really hard to explain. good vibes i guess, to put it simply. it really is an overwhelming and contagious vibe. at least it was at Translucent. well, so my friends will stop being impatient (*cough!*David*cough*), i'll end it here, even though i don't want to, and probably some other time i'll recap a whooole lot more and maybe share some of my yoda wisdom. oh well. 'til next time fella ravers! i'll see you on the dance floors sooooon......

always and forever,



Geoff and Jay from SierRave Vista!!

it feels good to be home. now that i'm here i can finally write FREELY without the criticism and impatientness and the whole, jolly goodness that is my friends. it's weird. well, now i can write about my whoole Translucent experience. but i really really really really really wanted to go to Boom Boom Satellites cuz Moby was there and i adore Moby because he opened me to the world of techno way back in yesteryear when i was a geeky, nerdy, and as-short-as-i-was-then-as-i-am-now middle-schooler in germany trying to find myself. back then, i didn't even know what reefer was, let alone any kind of drug. all i really knew was alcohol. well, there'll always be a next time when Moby will play at the Nile (hah!)

anyway. back to translucent:

the line: gosh darnit if it wasn't the bestest time i ever had waiting in line! all those heat-oozing bodies, all anxious and impatient about getting in. and me being the shorty that i am had fun looking at people's backs and shoulders,and fronts, while holding a couple of pillows and a blanket and wondering why it felt like a 100 degrees standing there. they could've worked out a better line plan by opening another entrance or something. i was reading that flyer they had their about the one in cali being thrown by INSOMNIAC. see, those people have had the experience and time to foresee this little problem. in time, so will TOP DOG. well, this guy to my left (probably one of the promoters, or a friend helping the promoters) shouts out that ticket people are on the left and non-tix on the right.

after this little exercise of messy organization I finally got in (THANK GOODNESS) and proceeded to wait a little bit so more friends could come in. once my friend david came in with the other blanket, we tried to get to the field but ended up at the vending area with the pretty ladies selling stuff. i thought they were free! so, i head back and wait for more friends to get in. a few more do, and i try to get us all situated and organized by sending myself and a few others out to the field to lay out the blankies and stuff. we did it. and then i walked back to wait with my friends haley and erica and laura and karen for all the others that haven't made it in at this point. god, was it awful. it was god awful! ha! haha... anyway. finally, steph was the last to make it in and we All head towards the field. by this time everybody is making it in and the line has about diminished. this took about forever and a half plus one (actually more like two and a half hours). and all you people that came in with shouts and sighs of relief, i feel ya, i FEEL each and every one of ya. and wasn't it great how friendly and helpful the security was? we were just waiting for our friends and here comes MR. BIG I'M-A- BIG-SECURITY MAN! If you don't go that way to the party, then the exit's.... thata way... and then that black cop dude tried ta get in the mix. LOL! So anyway, back to the party.

I finally find the Spot, as it will be referred to from now on, and see that my friend david is all sickly after having sooo many of those scrumptchy square meals. he had six full courses with the Hatter, and I think they might've been having double portions that night, if you know what i mean. so i'm staring at david, all puking and stuff on the ground and i think, ew, yucky, and start walking around some. there was michelle standing there looking all cute and smiling and stuff. and there was jon and russ sitting down and taking a breather from their first dance that night (lucky bastards!). i saw erica, steph, bjorn, damian, geoff lamberth, jeff kawakami, thea, charles, charles, jaime, dobber, tre, jason, jeremy (mad props to bisbee!), andria, celeste, jeff barnes, karen, haley, sarah, aj, mary, gina, jaime's bro, ryan, deardra, those people i met at sarah's, amanda, dan, alex, and everybody else. if i didn't mention your name, then i'm sorry! much love to ya, though. well, all i can say is that after three o' clock in the ayem or so and finding this nice guy that had a little special going on for some square meals (6 for 20 for me!), the night became a blur. then the music got more intense, and the lights, and the feeling, and the music. and..... wow. wasn't it overwhelming. i kept finding myself in the front. and i want to thank all those nice people that kept splashing that cold-ass water onto that slippery, on-a-higher-level, happy dancers out there. trance, what can i say? it's a beautiful, beautiful form of music. it makes me so happy to be alive and to be who i am and to be happy that arizona knows how to fuckin' party. the dawn was beautiful. at this point, i was chillin' in front of the speakers just looking out and watching all the cars and semis and vans that passed us on the freeway. and looking at all the people still dancing and having a GOOD-ASS TIME. never have i felt such a rush since Cyberfest and Tranceformation '99. If KABOOM! didn't get busted then that would've been a phat party, too. Wow. Double Wow, with a cherry on top.

I have a few more things to say, so sit there! and i hope you took a tinkle and got something to eat, cuz when Jay goes off, he goes off. and it takes something like his friends who wanted to go home and sleep (*cough!*david, erica, geoff*cough!*) to stop me from writing so damn much. but, they aren't here, and they're all still asleep! ha! hahaha! anyhow, the party was a night to remember. i could cry just thinking about it. being there with sooo many good friends, meeting new people, and having and feeling that vibe, and sharing it with everyone and making people happy. damn. well, that about wraps it up. i just want to give props to all you people that made It happen. To all of the promoters, the police, the community, my friends, your friends, Ramy, Arizona, music, love, and Life. To life most of all. Because without it, the universe would be so dull. To all of you, too! Watch out Arizona, cuz we ain't gonna stop until we die, but it'll still keep goin' on, and strong! watch out world! and pretty soon, Cochise County will be another little place where we can throw some phizat venues. Sierra Vista, baby! watch out for my friend Geoff Lamberth's party comin' up in Dec. called the 6th Element. My friends and I are trying to start a party crew in this county to liven up the party scene. and because we never really had one. CPC Prod.! It used to be CPCA but that's too long to get into. Well people, now it's time for this sleep-deprived filipino to go get some rest. Oh my Jesus, look at all he wrote!

See u at the next venue (hopefully).... probly the 28th...

ps- the vibes were all about PLUR!

another sierra vista RAVER

beautiful people and beautiful vibes. i have 2500 friends.


Translucent was my very first rave and it was a life changing experiance. me and 10 of my friends went 8 of them had never been to a rave we all took E for the very first time. I learned to liquid flow and I danced all night. I love the whole scene and the music. I could not belive how friendly everyone was I would like to say thanx to top dog productions for putting on such a great party. I also want to say thanx to AK, naomi, and e-baby who showed me the way to enlightenment.


Top Dog Productions and Wise Guys Productions would just like to thank everyone for coming out even in bad weather to make Translucent a success. Thank you. We would also like to thank all those people who helped in any way, shape, or form with Translucent. Especially those ravers who took the time afterwards to stay and clean up. Thank you. One very special thanks to Jon Boy at Plastik Records who told us about our phone problem. Thank you for your help and business professionalism. And thank you for having this forum for people to express their views.

Now, the apologizes. No rave goes smoothly, but we feel we are obligated to recognize and correct those problems we had so that future raves go better. The line, that was a big mess. Sorry to anyone who got squished, fondled, or hit with a water bottle. There's no excuse for that and next time we will try to make it more orderly. Mark E Quark, it sucks when a DJ cancels because it makes the production company look bad and pisses people off who came to see the DJ perform, but he did cancel. We apologize for that and will be in contact with his agent to find out what happened. The weather, not that we can control that, but because of it the management at the venue had issues with tents and we had to delay opening the gate until 11:00 pm. Sorry to all those people who came with tents hoping to camp and have a good time. We hope you still had a good time even without tents. The phone lines, many people could not get through the phone lines because the messages filled up and the voice mail wouldn't let them through. That was poor operational planning on our part and won't happen again. Sorry to anyone who could not get through or didn't come because of that. And one very personal apology to the male raver who stayed after and helped clean up the baseball diamond and then got hassled by security while he waited for his friends. I could have walked over and smoothed out the whole deal because I think security didn't understand how much the people who stayed did to clean up the baseball diamond, and I don't think you understood how tired and bug bitten our security guy was after standing by the line all night. But after being up for about 28 hours and running around all night I was too tired to walk over and smooth it out between you two, which I regret because it probably ruined your whole night because of one bad experience, which was really a misunderstanding. I'm sorry. Hopefully, we can meet in person at some rave and I'll apologize in person. But if not please accept this apology.

If anyone has any other issues feel free to contact us personally at Top Dog Productions at or just leave a message here and we are sure to read it, because communication is the key to understanding. Thank you all again. And look for our future raves to come. Peace. Joe--Top Dog Productions


This was definitly the party to be at. The location was wonderful,the people were wonderful,and the music... well should I say more?The vibes were great and I met sooooooooo many cool party goers.The wait to get in was definitly worth it(although I didn't think so while I was waiting in line waiting to get my party on)But all the energy that was built up in line was soon released once the beautiful beats started pulsating through my body. I would definitly drive another two hours, and wait in line for another three hours for a party like this

For all those beautiful party kids out there. I love ya and keep the party going!

Jennifer Lauire

HELL YA this party was phat as Phuck!!!!TUCSON DEFINITLY has a better scene than Phoenix The VIBE is so much betta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Doran,you are the Shizit!!Entyse had a bad ass set as well!Everything was TOP DAWG!


Hellz yeah!!! This pawt*E was the shit !!!It wuz my first big party and I luved it to death!!!Bittermonk wuz awesome as ever and I give all the other amazing DJ's mad props.P*E*ace out to all and I'll be seeing you around!!!I love you Tucson!!!!!


the only two bad things about this party were the line (I didnt get in til 1am when I was there at like 10:30pm) - and that mark e quark didn't show. he was the whole point to going!@@@##$%#

anyway, the party was phat, everyone was having a good time, and the vibe was perfekt. another thing that sucked was I dropped my bottle of Vicks and didn't find it again - I didn't even get a chance to put any in my e mask.

Entyse was in everyones face with excellence taste, hookin it up with the wall to wall e bumps. hellz yeh!@


I am glad everyone else had a good time at this party I must say Tuscon has very good vibes compared to phoenix unfortunatly I got sick while standing in line because i ate 2 pills while waiting and the fact that I was also stuck in a k hole all night did not help all in all I did not have a great time due to my own stupidity but the kids were sooooo nice a one guy did this awesome thing using 2 poofy pink strawberry scented balls. He rubbed them on my face and did a little dance with them them I closed mjy eyes and he poured pop rocks in my mouth Ectasy Magic I tell you I wish I could find that guy again but It was a good party good music and awsome vibes THANX ALL YOU TUSCON KIDS KEEP GIVING OFF YOUR GOOD VIBES


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