Utopia Review

To a hardened critic (or a grouchy, tired traveler), Club Utopia might come across as just a glorified 411 with a larger dance floor and an added balcony. But, it is indeed more than that. Being located in the fastest growing (and changing) city in the world, Utopia has a great potential to grow and change musically and culturally along with the city. The money that this place generates can bring in some of the best musical talents and visual wizards in the techno industry.

Obviously, Utopia has recognized and utilized this potential. It truly is "not just a place... but a vision." The multiple floors and cacophony of dancing and seating areas, the impressive sound and visual systems, the wide spectrum of dazling costumes wore by the smorgesboard of human variety and the awsome DJs spinning cuts other than the popular commercial jargon make Utopia a state of being where no one is allowed to get bored or wish they were somewhere else.

When we got there around 12 am, Robert Oleysyck was spinning causiously medium-hard trance and techno to slowly turn the heat up. By 3:30 am, when Chris McSpadden came on, the dance floors were full and people were wistling and screaming. Even though there was another rave that night, Utopia brought enough people in to stomp and rattle the solid wooden floors all night. Chris spun one of his best hard trance sets, including a great 9 minute cut of a new song he had just finished. Robert came back on at around 5:30 and carried the vibe at top level until the bright sun rays began to squeeze through the front door.

We all had a great time and I was all jazzed up for the after hour party but, I guess us Phoenicians were too beat, poor and conservative to go. I heard it was a cesspool of swinging coke whores and degenerate, transexual freaks who were bent on breaking all the rules and destroying the moral fiber of the American society. So, it was very hard for me to accept not going.

Despite the rainy drive up and the congested traffic on the way back, this was a trip well worth taking. I got some cool photos and video and danced my ass off until the music stopped. Of course, that's what I always do:)