I was rather excited about the new location. It was a refreshing change to the weekend after weekend of the Nile. But, there were a few things wrong with this place. It was small, it had tiny exists and it was HOT. Most of the people spent a lot of their time in the outdoor area, where despite the lack of music, they could at least breath. Water was $2/bottle and they ran out by 2:30.

The main room was like a sauna, despite the tall ceiling. The skating ramps, although aesthetically interesting, created a bit of a hazard when people either tripped on them or slid down and right into the people standing at the bottom. I fel down a couple of times and in protecting the camera almost broke my wrist. The DJs had to hoist all their equipment up the tall, slippery slides and perch just under the ceiling so no one could see their mixing techniques (or get close enought for a good photo op). The jungle room was just a sad joke. It was the size of a small bedroom and it felt like a sauna inside a sauna. I spent no more than 2 minutes in there.

On the positive note, almost all the DJs that I heard spun awesome sets. CL McSpadden really tore it up and got almost everyone up on their feet. NRG and Alatin and Timothy Heit also played wonderful sets and when Nimh came on, the number of dancers grew even more. Maybe it was the intense training at the Nile's basement that made this hot venue bearable for HH dancers.

The vibe was not really there. Maybe it was the heat but, I think it's the infiltration of some new punks into the scene that's bringing it down. I saw one muscle bound bully that was trying to pick a fight with Prophet even to the point of warning the security guards that he would do this and that to Prophet if he didn't "watch it". I know this is not a perfect world but a rave is the last place on Earth where you wanna see shit like that. My advice to promoters is to let the security guards know as soon as they see even threatening behavior show them out and stop the fight before it starts. But, maybe playing it cool was a better idea since nothing major really came of it, as far as I know. I liked the security. They were friendly and relaxed and I think that's important. They are the first ones you see when you go to a party and in some way, they help set the mood for the night.

I left around 3:30, a little disappointed and tired. But, the after party sure cheered me up, as they always do;)


Technical note: Begining with this party, I've started a new generation of scans that will make the photos much sharper for viewing, specially for AOL folks. But, this will take 2 to 3 times longer for each photo to download. Please let me know what you think about this via email:
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I only have a few words to describe the party. There was no positive vibe. People weren't very nice, and there were a lot of low lives there.

On a good note, I love the fact that CL MacSpadden was headlining. I love his sets, and it was nice to see him headlining, instead of being on of the last DJ's to play.


Let me start off by telling Chad and Tribal Productions that the location was pretty damn good in my mind! Of course it was a bit hot in the main room, but if your having a good time, does it really matter? Overall, I have to say it was a great party.


Although the vibe wasnt there and it was way too hot i enjoyed playing up above everybody and i met some cool kids

Dr Know

OTay well....i must say that oviously there werent some AWESOME vibes at dat pawty but i mean your night is what you make of it.....if you walk around moping because of the shitty location you arent gonna have a good time right!? sOOooOo hehehe saturday night was just MY night. i had such an awesome time just running around seeing all my friends and meeting new people then going and dancing then doing the same thing all over again!!!and i got some of the most awesome kandee from people and the music was absolutly awesome. i had such an awesome time dancing....i men...its always fun to dance...but isnt it even more fun to dance when the music ROCKS!?!?! otay...well i dont have alot more to say... ^_^ Buh byeEeE!!! ((((hugglez)))

ps....i was da tall blond kandee girl wif muh hair all funky wif pufff ballz and fairy wings!!! (XsLuRrrPyx@aol.com)

StEpHnaiE aka ChU

I was too excited for the new location but it might as well have been just in the basement of the Nile. It was too damn HOT in there and I think it made people grumpy especially trying to get in and out of each room. I only stayed for 1/2 an hour and I was sad to leave, but the heat and people were unbearable. BUt as the rest had mentioned the music was UnBeliEveAbl-E aWesomE.

SisTa AmY

I was so EXCITED to attend this party because of the new location:)!!! But when I got to the parking lot all I heard was "Don't go in, it's not worth it!" But I had already brought my pre-sale so I said "What the hell!" One thing I can say their was no hassle on getting in..security was cool:) But I noticed their were a lot of people outside..but I thought o well! As I walked in the main room I had already broken a sweat and I didn't even start dancing yet. I never went to the Jungle room, just stayed in the main room and danced the best I could in that heat and humidity. The music was GREAT but I just didn't feel a VIBE their:( I stayed for like an hour and a half and then off we went. It was a nice try for a new location but it was just to small!


I thought the place was way toooo hot. I spent most of the night outside and missed the music, cus it was tooo hot in there. I stayed until it was over, and went home dissappointed. I am looking forward to translucent! yeah!


*sMiLeZ* Hmm...U*turn? I was so hyped for this party! I thought for sure it was gonna be dope and that the vibes would be kickin'! I showed up early so that I could get in and scope out the scene to see how the dance floor was and stuff. Dance area kicked! Specially cus' the skate ramps and stuff added extra dance exploration! The peeps at the party were healla kewl...I picked up good vibes from lots of peeps, but I think having it at the skate park opened up the scene to different kinds of kids too. My only real complaint would be the heat...but yet I am not complaining cus' I must've lost sum weight from dancin' around in it! The beats were phat...and although it was hot inside I found myself reering in just hear the dope DJ's spinning! Check you Kids later!!! *hUgZ & sMoOcHez *Kirb*e *AKA* pLaY-dOh P.S.* I was the kiddie in Tiger pantz! And oh yeah...GAYVERS RULE!!! (Qurby@aol.com)

KiRb*E* aka *pLaY-dOh*

Okay.... this was my second party and I had a good time except for the fact it was hot as hell.... I heard someone complaining about how shitty the party was and how they knew it was gunna be shitty and I turned to him and said "Ya know what... if you knew this party was gunna be as shitty as you say it is then why did you spend $15 to get in???" Gave him something to think about... I think that's why it wasn't all that.. it could have been soo much better if people would have just had a better additude about it... that's why the vibes were bad.. its like one bad apple spoils a bunch.. but I did have a good time..... all in all...... We brought these two guys with us and it was thier first party so that was fun!!! cute_1_4_u@hotmail.com


Even though I got attacked by some really Ape like peeps I had an alright time. Oh yah and for the people that said I was talking shit I am not stupid certian people you don't talk shit to without a weapon they attacked me I did not say shit to them. Anyways To tell the truth the place was way to hot and the Venue was to small. We could not set up the 4 tables we wanted to but the three hour set on three tables with J-illmatic was tight. I would like to send props out to Jeremy for one of his best sets and letting me spin with him last party in AZ. As of right now I think I am gonna retire we will see whats up. I work at the Guitar Center in Phoenix now if anyone needs equipment come and talk to me. Thanx Ramy for some tight picture of the dance side of our crew the Foot Klan. If you would like to check some more pics on my page go to http://www.users.uswest.net/~dprophet/.


alright, i must admit that this party didn't exactly remind me of the good ol' days of big gay als big gay boat ride (yes, i hear you anti-vortex beeyitches grumbling that it sucked) but at midnight, while my friends from the jerk krew were spinning some SICK-ASS JUNGLE, i celebrated my nineteenth birthday (yep, i was born on 8/8/80), and i felt love for all simply because of that. yes, it was hot as hades, but that's something that we phoenix ravers should expect in the month of august. NO air-conditioning system can cool us down when we set the floor on fire! on a sad note, i feel that many of the reviews are very focused on trance and the trance djs that spin in the main rooms. it seems that we've made little progress in diversifying the phx scene, and many people miss out on INCREDIBLE jungle, not because it isn't good, but because tired-ass promoters are afraid that they'll piss off the candy ravers. don't get me wrong, i have much love for all the kidz who are down with a happy, positive vibe, but please, peeps, give some due respect to junglists.


peace. ryan (emohomo)

ryan narce @ NAU (emohomo)

this party for me was one big nightmare. i thought new venue cool but a tad disappointed when i got there. unfortuanley i had the Flu but i had told someone i would bring them and i went. i should always listen to my mom when she says "you shouldnt go" but i was spaced on vikadin and at around 3 i realized my ride had left my friend and i. THANKS E & C. i was offering peeps mad cash to take me home but no luck. i ended up callin the parent that didnt like my partying to come pick my ass up. oh boi what a night. A WORD OF ADVICE if you take someone have the decency to tell them youre leaving and it doesnt matter if you are having a bad acid trip let them know.


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