Raving Arizona II Preview

This video was shot during the winter of 1998 and spring of 1999. It was originally my intention to have only about 10 rave events on here and release the video right after the New Year. But, I just couldn't find the time and the mixer board I was looking for to put it together so, I just kept going to raves and kept taping. The files kept piling up until I decided to finish it with Tranceformation and do a simple linear editing and leave the fancy stuff for later.

As a result, you won't get to see creative editing with multiple shots on the same audio take. But, you will get a lot more partying for your money. This is over five and a half hours of documentary, covering 16 different rave events. This is "rave-to-go" for all rave lovers. There are thousands of smiling faces in this video, hundreds of cool dance styles and endless great music.

This tape is primarily made for the Arizona rave family in mind. Many people will be able to see themselves or their friends get high on the vibe and dance like crazy. But, it will also provide a great representation of the Arizona rave scene for all who are curious.

This was shot with a Hi8 camera, and you will notice a great deal of video quality improvement since the first Raving Arizona tape.

The sound is recorded through the camera microphone only for the first few minutes. Then, it is picked up by a heavy duty stereo mike for the rest of the tape. The new microphone is camera mounted and it capable of withstanding the powerful speaker becibles and delivers good quality, dancable music along with normal conversations. If you have a good set of headphones or a good sound system you will be virtually transported to the scene!

There are a lot of club events in this tape, mostly in the beginning. If you are looking for a genuine rave, you'll have to wait until the midway point. The best is saved for the end in The Conspiracy Theory and Tranceformation sections.

The Events covered in Raving Arizona II:

  • Desire II (20 minutes)
  • Skule (20 minutes)
  • Dual Processor (8 minutes)
  • Pause (4 minutes)
  • Karma (7 minutes)
  • DYWD? (21 minutes)
  • Utopia (11 minutes)
  • Funkin Gruvin (12 minutes)
  • Time (21 minutes)
  • Bassline (9 minutes)
  • Kind (30 minutes)
  • Monkey Love (15 minutes)
  • Balloon (25 minutes)
  • Drip & Universal Mind (9 minutes)
  • The Conspiracy Theory (38 minutes)
  • Tranceformation (68 minutes)

The tape covers most of the Arizona DJs along with some of the big names from out of state.

I hope you enjoy every minute of it:)