Two Icehouse events in a row? WOW! Brings back some old memories. The Icehouse used to host events almost as often as the Nile has been doing lately. And the last two events will tell you why. This is a GREAT venue. Huge multiple rooms, indoor/outdoor areas, centralized location and a structure full of history and character. This place has a lot of potential. In a perfect world, there would be something happening here every night and at least one rave every week.

By the Icehouse standards, Vision was an above average rave. Around 1500 attendants the first night and about half of that the next. The best way I could describe the overall vibe would be as "scattered". There were different pockets of people here on both nights. Clubbers, ravers, breakers, tweakers, first timers, old timers and everything else in between here and there, all huddled with their kind and rarely mixing with others. There were lots of smiles but, there were also a few blank, ominous stares. Different music in different rooms also determined the vibe, of course.

The courtyard (Area 1: Lunar Cycle) was like a landing zone where all the people hung out to chat, chill and get some fresh air while listening to the great Moontribe DJs. All the concession stands along with Megan's massage table were set up here. The only thing that was so visibly noticeable here was the lack of a big crowd and dancers. I felt almost embarrassed for the Moontribe crew. I have way too much respect for what they do and I hated to see only a couple of people dancing in front of their set up. Maybe those who really know the Moontribe didn't WANT to see them play downtown Phoenix. The experience of soaking up their music in the wild desert under the stars and the full moon is too sacred to be tarnished by anything else - even an event at the Icehouse.

The main room (Area 2: Trance, Techno & Breaks) was for the clubbers and the ravers who enjoyed the music of Robin Porter, Sandra Collins, Kelly Reverb and others. This room had the best sound quality and laser and intelligent light show. On top of that, the AC was working at full blast, making it one COOL spot for dancing. I finally got a chance to photograph Sandra Collins. She was simply beautiful and very cool and together. But, I felt a little let down by the music she played. I was expecting more build ups and uplifting tunes. Maybe it's because this was the first time I ever even heard her and wanted to be blown away and this was just another gig for her. Maybe it was HER who felt let down by the relatively small turnout. I really shouldn't judge because I didn't get to hear her entire set. I did run into some people who felt she was just great and I won't disagree.

The most fucked up thing I saw at the party was when they cut Paul-E off after about 30 minutes for the next DJ. That was pure bullshit and I don't give a fuck what the reason was. I didn't listen to the next DJ and I didn't even ask who he was. I wouldn't have cared if he was the best DJ in the world. Respect the locals first and foremost. Get your priorities and loyalties in check, people!

The middle room (Area 3: Jungle, House and Breaks) had very few patrons. But, the ones that were there were the serious dancers. From breakers to cosmic flyers, there was a nice cacophony of steps and moves that blended perfectly with the music and filled the room. There was a simple laser light set up and one wall panel was illuminated with psychedelic video projection and that's all this room needed. Beauty and harmony in simplicity. Despite the low turn out, this room won my vote for the best vibe.

There was no DJ set up in the Cathedral room. Instead, there was a long line for a $1 ride on the new, improved music box. This is basically a very comfortable, inclined couch powered up with heavy duty woofers, wrapped in a thick shell and accessed with a cool, spaceship wing door. It seats 4-5 people and is about 7-8 feet wide. It will take you on a roller coaster ride on techno music. A single black light illuminates the stars in front of you as deep, heavy base vibrations penetrates your flesh and shatters your bones. Just sitting in it will give you a hard on. There is no doubt in my mind that the person who built this first tried it out with his girl friend. Excellent work, Captain Kirk;)

The absence of the younger crowd was definitely a missing flavor for someone with an eclectic taste like mine. Yes, it was nice to have a little change of atmosphere. But, it wasn't necessarily better. Like I said, there WERE lots of smiles but, there were also a few nasty glares that you usually don't get at an all age event. So, here's to you my younger friends: I know it's tough being underage. I may be a little older but, I'm not senile yet. I do remember those days in high school. The tough obstacles that sometimes brought me to tears and made me feel so cheated and helpless. But, I kept going on thinking: "I'll show them." I managed to get my rocks off one way or the other and make the best with what was dealt to me. Believe me kids, if a dumb ass retard like me can pull through, so can you. I did miss you guys there. Maybe we will both live long enough to see the free world and will finally be left alone to dance together any time we want. I can almost see it. It's right there... right over the mountain:)


Great review of Vision, I couldn't agree more with how you put it. I ran in to a few more first timers then I though I would at this party. Anywhoo... It was a great party for those first timers too. The overall vibe was aight' and I had a great time. Got to meet a lot of new kids' and turn them on to my "blinky-light-trips". For those of you out there who know who I am (Merlin), I will have a new "light-trip" for ya's at Kaboom!!! "Untill next time..."


I arrived at the party and waiting inline I noticed that there was something missing. No one walked up and offered me candy! Most of my friends and I are not too thrilled about having candy kids at a party, but I still felt there was a big portion of the scene missing. I actually missed those little candy kids. They make the effort to make me smile more than anyone else.

The outside room wasn't very croweded at first. It had decent sound, but there wasn't very many dancers out there. I was a little disappointed, as this area had the most dancing space I ever danced in. However, I did not miss the hordes of people ramming into me. : )

The Main room was awesome, and even had coolers on. (even though you had to search for a spot where you could feel it.) The people weren't too PLURry, but I didn't mind too much. I had fun dancing and giving all the E Babies massages, afterall, I do give fabulous back rubs. : ) I really liked the lights and the sound was very good too. I wish people could use trash cans though, as I slipped on many flyers and water bottles and bruised my wrists. I found myself kicking an area clean until I was satisfied that there would be nothing in my way.

The Jungle room definately had the best vibe. Everyone I saw was happy, and there were plenty of dancers. I must admit, my dancing skills haven't been the best in Jungle music, but I still had fun.

All in all, it was an ok party. It wasn't the greatest party I had been to though. Most of the people were really not very PLURry. I have never been run into so many times without someone apologizing. People walked up and started drinking my water without asking too! One thing I also do not miss at parties are the whistles. There were a few out there! But even though there are a lot of things and people in the rave scene I do not appreciate, I am not about to spoil anyone's fun. I may not like whistlers or some of them candy kids, but I am if they're having fun blowing their whistles, or giving out candy and eating pills, I am the last boy to spoil their fun.


I went on Saturday only. I thought the party has a horrible vibe. The worst part was when some big guy started going off on everyone around him, getting very racial and very offending.

The music was great though. I loved the Big room where the Cooling was. But they should put some AC in, as swamp coolers don't work in the humidity. And I agree with Antonio. How hard is it to throw your trash in the can? I can't tell you how much I've trip and fallen at parties.

The Chill room was actually nice. It gave a release from dancing to cool off. I met this this beautiful couple in there. It was their first party together!

The Jungle room was the opposite of every other area. I actually felt happy in there. Everyone was smiling, and I watched so many dancers jus tgiving it their all and having a great time. I wished the rest of the party could have been followed their example.

I missed the Sunday party, as I felt the vibe would probably be the same.


vision was the first phx party that i have been to in a year and it definately brought back ooooooold memories!!! my friend robert is from germany and this was his first rave in america!!! so guess where he was the whole night--outside dancing w/ groovetribe. those european ravers know their stuff, eh? my favorite room for dancing was definately the jungle room, i don't think i've ever danced better!!! however the lighting in the big room was sooooo intense!!! and COLORFUL!!! this party made me feel that the vibe is still there no matter what they say ;)


All I have to say for the way Vision went down with all its ups and downs it was a PHAT party. Now for a while I've heard and read people complanign about the vibe being weird and all that ( it was ) but the thing is Phoenixs scene is growing. Wtih growth comes comes growing pains. Anybody who has ever talked to me about this issue has heard me say this: it either has to get bigger or smaller. This is why, the larger it is the more accepted our scene becomes, older people become used it, they know about, and accept it. Phoenix scene can't get smaller, all that means is that its excluding some people and thats wrong. From what I understood at the time the icehouse owner was not allowing under age kids into the grounds. Hence smaller party! Okay enough preaching. Moontribe played a real funky housey set which I didn't enjoy. Except for Trevor everybody was lame. I felt Brian could have had a harder set but who am I to tell him what to spin. After seeing John Kelly in Austin, LA, and EasterMoon, I felt he just didn't have any energy in his set. Seeing as how I drove all the way from Austin Tx. to hear a half assed Moontribe set kinda annoyed me with them the whole night. Sooo with that I mostly stayed in the main room, after being in Tx for almost 6months now with a minamal amount of hard teckno and trance I couldn't help but stay in there. I loved Guidos and Sandra Collins. Since I've moved to Tx I have really missed breaks so hearing kelly Reverb was dope. I loved the first night.

The 2nd night could've been better but thems the breaks. I stayed mostly in main room so I could listen Korupt spin ( stll AZ most under appeciated djs). I was thilled to find out that Sean was old school Acid Sean. I havn't heard him spin since Lotus. I never really went to the jungle room the 1st or 2nd night, living in Tx where there is nothing but jungle and house has made me really avoid listening to that stuff. I loved Trevors set also, that boy was on fire.

Oddly there was only a few old school ravers at both parties, when I say a few I mean a few. Maybe thats why the whole vibe was different. All new kids and no one to show them the way to PLUR..

well I'm outta here..



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