What Dreams May Come

This was more or less a mini Emerald Forest. Only about 300 people showed up... and every single one of them brought enough good vibes to last a year. I LOVE desert parties.

Tigger was spinning when I got there around 11:30 and you could hear him from the parking area. This party was set up a lot closer to the road than EF parties. It's a lot easier and faster to get to but, it's also a smaller area with not much flat ground for dancing. But, desert parties are more of a chill event than dancing marathons.

There were a few vendors set up there selling everything from hemp icecream to glow stars and t-shirts. The ground was a bit rocky but only on a few spots and the running stream and the trees added more than enough reason to feel relaxed and comfortable.

CL McSpadden came on next followed by Mitch Mills and DJ Michael, who's rapidly becoming everyone's new favorite desert trance DJ. Mike from Candy man went on next and spun a short and unexpected set of HH. Tigger came back on and wrapped it up with more mellow trance. Scott from Candyman did some cool shit with his new lasers but wasn't ready yet to play them at full capacity. Still, it was a beautiful show.

No after party for me this time. I rode my motorcycle back home and although it was VERY pleasant, I was too tired to go anywhere else but into my pillow. Aaaaaah, yeahhhhhh... I LOVE desert parties:)