I felt a strange vibe when I first got to the Ice House. The music was great but, it wasn't as loud as you'd expect from a typical rave. In the courtyard, they were having problems with the sound system and there was an eerie silent hovering over the small crowd. I noticed more cops in the crowd than security guards and there was a rumor all night that there were cops on the rooftops with night vision goggles trying to spot drug deals. I do get the feeling that Phoenix PD is getting ready for a massive bust at a major rave scene. The closer we get to an election the more likely it is that this could happen. I'm not anything like those paranoid survivalists, nor do I sell drugs at raves so, I don't have a reason to worry about anything. But, I keep reading about major busts at raves here and there and I'm pretty sure our number will be up sooner or later. So, just be careful and responsible, that's all:)

They finally fixed the sound system in the courtyard and once the music began to vibrate the souls, the high energy and the Cheshire smiles kicked in. DJ Speedy performed a kick ass set of hard and progressive trance. The lights in the courtyard's main stage added to the excitement and the slow motion bodies began to dance on every corner. In the Cathedral Room, Nimh was whipping up his usual bad-ass batch of hard core and the crowd was tearing up the concrete floor and dancing up the walls. NRG was pumping up progressive house and trance in the Silver Room. I spent a little too much time there and by the time I came back to the courtyard, Joey Beltram was done with his set:( But, the Atomic Babies made up for it with a rock hard set of live techno and acid breaks. Richard Humpty Vission came up next and spun a well received set of progressive house and trance.

Back in Cathedral Room, DJ Terra spun drum and base and breathed fire over the crowd. DJ John came up next for more funky breaks. Hypnotic fired up some more hot house for the Silver Room crowd and CL McSpadden wrapped up the night with another great set of progressive trance and breaks. I got up on the stage to take some photos and videos from behind him but the people there were dancing so hard that the floor under my feet would not stop vibrating. So, I climbed down with a frustrated smile and went back to low angles.

Despite the weird vibes, this was a great party. The music was eclectic and high energy. The sound and the light system were awesome. The Phoenix Light Lab is getting bigger and better. The 18+ crowd is always a mixed blessing for the rave scene. Enforcing the curfew laws might help keep the music alive for the city dwellers but it does take away something from the overall vibe. I know no one wants to see young kids passed out in the corners at a rave but in all fairness, most of them are there to dance and socialize and they do bring a lot of positive energy and smiles and love and hope to the scene and I think some of the older, more jaded ravers are too quick to dismiss them as plury E addicts. I do think the kids should do more to police themselves to be more responsible and shake off this negative image. And in all fairness to the older, more jaded ravers, I have to say they do portray the concept of moderation a little better.

And finally, and I will repeat this for as long as it takes: stop selling tiny bottle waters for $2.00 at raves. That's unethical at any rave... and in hot and dry Arizona, that should be considered criminal. A gallon of water costs 25 cents at any water dispenser. Stop being greedy without shame and stop feeding off people's basic vital needs!!!


i agree with you about the water. $2.00!!! and no place to refill!? GRRR!!!


At Zen Fest I was very well please but more people need to dance. I was about the only one sober and I was giving it my all to dance like a mad fiend on music. I go to raves to dance, and listen to great djs not to take drugs and be so out of it, that i can't get off of the ground to dance. The scene here is so out of control with the drugs. Please stop the Maddness. Be Moderate, don't go way over board. I know my limit. But it's so sad to see teenagers like 15yrs and younger all messed up taking mad amounts of E and K. It's really sad. I'm not mocking people who take drugs though. I do it to. but just take less of it. 4 rolls is a lot, with Special K on top of that. That's just Mad. And where is the vibe here. It doesn't exisit anymore here, as it does in the Midwest scene. people here are too hooked up by thinking that they are all that, instead of caring about the music. well that's my 2 cents.


hi, i'm preskool from albuquerque, nm. zenfest was my first phoenix party. i had so much fun and danced my ass off. the music was definitely choice, compared to our parties in albuquerque. we usually only have 1,2, maybe 3 headliners if we're really lucky. i like you scene alot and will be attending more parties there.



I had a great time at zen fest!! We didn't get there till one which sucked cause I really wanted to see Nimh and the Atomic Babies. The vibe at the party was really good, I met tons of new people and saw a lot of old friends from past parties. I agree with ramy about the water. Do they really need to make that much more money when they are charging 25 bucks for a ticket. My only other complaint was the securtiy. There were hundreds of cops and securtity just roaming around the place. Overall an execellent party. I even got my picture taken by Ramy (thanks)

Matt Palmer Glowstick@raveworld.net

When I got there, I knew I would have fun. The line was no more than a 10 minute wait, and that is including the time I waited in line to buy a ticket. They definatly got this one right for the Icehouse.

After walking around a bit, I noticed all the police man. I thought that was a little creepy, considering the number bists I have seen going down the past few weeks.

I pretty much remained outside. The music was great, everyone outside had some great sets. But I have to admit, the vibe just wasn't there... except for the spot where all my friends were situated.

I don't remember who was up first, but he was pretty good. Though the sound system was a little flaky and actually got so bad I refused to dance.

I don't remember who was first, Richard Humpty Vision, or Joey Beltram. But Joey Beltram was great. Richard Humpty Vision was kicking my ass all night with his set. After his set, I felt like I had no energy left.

But CL MacSpadden proved me wrong, and kept me dancing for a whole other hour! I have to admit, no matter how many times I hear CL spin, my love his his sets just grows and grows.




I had so much fun at this party, I still have a huge grin on my face! Not to mention that I was finally able to meet Ramy!!! :) but, i was disappointed in the turn out. this was the great ZEN FEST and the crowd was weak. kind of embarrassing to the Phoenix scene, don't cha think? I hear a lot of kidz saying that the vibe just isn't there anymore, so they don't go to many parties, but that certainly doesn't help bring good vibes now does it? Parties are what you make of them. if you are full of good energy it is sure to be contagious. much love


I spent $20 on water in the 6 hours that I was at Zen Fest! I do not think that that is very ethical. i also did not enjoy the fact that the security kept on taking my masks away! Masks and vicks are not illeagal... you can buy them at walmart! But i did have a great night... But what happened to Thomas Micheal?


This is from the Grrrr Master Ray-Ray and the Hairless Goat To Ray-Ray the Zen fest was interesting and he loved all of the things he found!I enjoyed myself as I handded out the Cottonmouth flyers.To all who are listing go to the Stickman party in L.A [Dec.4]and also go out to Lenny V's birthday party Cootonmouth on Dec.11.The Hairless Goat said that he enjoyed himself and I am glad that I didnt have to pay or I would have felt like a Stupid hairless goat!!!Thats for damn sure!!!I heard Tetris mixxed in with the Beastie Boyz and that was dope!And all in all The Best Part came when the party ended and they played the BEATLES and everybody had smiles on their sweet faces!!!!!!

Grr and Goat

the party was great, but walking in at midnight and seeing all those kids sitting against the wall and in the corner is not what a rave is all about, if its all about the drugs for you then take this into consideration. get your E,K,and what ever. buy some cool trance CD CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE IS MY FAVORITE, AND CHILL IN YOUR ROOM WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID TO PAY 20,25,30$ AND SIT AGAINST THE WALL, MDMA IS COOL BUT USE IT FOR THE REASON ITS FOR PARTY TILL YOU DROP.


Well let me start off saying that i didnt have very much fun!LENNY V KIKCKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!There was no Vibe!!!And no one was dancing!!!!And everyone was just standing there like dehumanized brainless E-Tards!!!You Phoenix people sure do like your Drugs dont cha!!!!Any wayz if you actually like to dance and have fun and not pay RIDICULOUS Prices for everything,you should come on down for this weeks Party in TUCSON called WHERE ITS AT!!!!!Its going to be a lot betta than Ground Zero thats for damn sure!!!Because RAVING IS A CRIME WHEN YOU STUFF YOUR FACE WITH DRUGS!!!!!!!!

The Tucson KIDZ

good point ramy. keeping -18 year olds from staying too late is not right. whats the point of going to a party when the party doesn't start till past 12? and good point banits. its getting kinda fustrating tripping on all the the frybabies and e freaks who lay all over the floor.

Music people. not age, money, or trying to see how much drugs you can handle. why cant raves be about the music... I, as a promotor my self... / I'd have to say that these posh-like promoters with their $30+ raves and their big named performers need to realize what's up. not for money, not for drugs, not for age.... MUSIC..

look for Electrick Thawts Entertainment's parties. i'll show u what its all about.



first off. id like to say that i missed zen fest. mainly becuz i wont be 18 for another 6 months and i dont feel the need to buy a fake id. much love to groovetribe and all the guys throwing parties at the icehouse. you guys are doing what you can. and i understand phoenix's "curfew law" its all good. also the "tuscon" scene is not any better. everywhere you go there s drugs. ground zero this weekend our boy matt mccoy and christopher lawrence gonna rip it. and lets not forget the locals that are there ripping it up also. its all about MUR. music unity respect.

dj roo

well...lemme say that im a few months shy of 18 but i got in anyway =) thats always good when you drive 2 hours. There wasnt too good of a vibe, actually there was none at all, and besides the missing vibe there was also some missing toilet paper! well till i found the outside bathrooms hehe that was cool, and the Box boys were there again! that was awesome!!! umm but i must confess the highlight of my night was hearing nimh <3 he was great omFg i mean he played EYEOPENER and all that wonderful HH =) oooh ya and i actually got to meet the man! that is one thing i will never in my life forget hes so sweet and i hugged him!!! =) prices were damn high but well whatever, richard kicked ass "you better walk bitch" hehe anyway on word of advice to all you kiddies rollin...beware of the WARHEADS!!! i missed the beetles song cause of them damn things >=/ but whatever the party was good and i was with tons of cool people...but, hmmm i still didnt meet ramy =( LoL maybe next time!

<3 ms vb

i thought the party was awesome but you phx. people need to dance not stand around and twiddle your thumbs all night long when you dance the dj loves it he in control which make him spin fuckin bad azz shit like richard. you dance you get hard ass shit. phx. people need 2 come to "where its at" and witness tucson kids dancing thats all we do down here is dance but anyway ZEN FEST was dope and all the djs were dope i had a great time!!!!!!! Secrity and pigs were to much there i think thats my last phx. party. I think what ramys talking about the big bust in phx. soon is going to be a focus fest so all you people selling be careful and be responsibble. And to the people who threw the party and throw other partys "THE ICE HOUSE IS GETTING OLD" PEACE.LOVE.UNITY.AND WHERE ITS AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TUCSON99


Kew said it all I dont think I will go to many more Phoenix Partys because there really is no vibe in Phoenix!!!!No one dances anymore and I dont want to go to phoenix and get busted at some whack-azz party anyway!If your amoung the Faithful you would have seen Christopher Lawrence at SUPERSTARS in Tucson in August!Plus Tucson haz a betta local set of Djs than Phoenix Yall are stuck up!!!But if ya want to actually dance then go to WHERE ITS AT!!!!!!!Cause its gonna be Phat!

P.S. The Icehouse is VERRYYYY OLD!!!!!

Peace Love Unity Tucson


I've been going to parties since internal mystery, and for me, this was the best party i have been to yet. Everything the whole night was kicking my ass, from the HH ala Nimh that kicked ass, to the John Lennon (not beatles peoples) song the end i had a fucking blast, i was smiling the whole night, dancing my ass off and doing orbitals...and OMG Humptyision you are sooo soo very nice. I wasnt really feeling the vibe tho most of the night until richard got on, from that point on...jeez i felt so good :) im still smiling. Word on that water, that iz such BS, remember the karma promoter peoples. xoxoxoxoxo keep it up party peoples, kick yo legs in the air



what is this??? parties are about UNITY!!!!!!!!!! not go to Tucson, its better, Phoenix sux ass. The scene is UNIVERSAL, all party kidz should be worried about the vibe EVERYWHERE. calling everyone here stuck up does not bring good vibes, and neither does ragging on tha local DJ's. c'mon people!!! the scene is dead cus no one cares anymore!! it shouldn't be about who has tha best scene, its how great the music is and how we at raves feel something that no one else knows. something that when the music comes on and you start dancing you never want to stop.


Zen-fest was my first Phoenix party in six months and all it did for me was remind me of the reasons I stopped going to Phx parties in the first place. The music was dope but noone was dancing. Security was stressing, and the vibe was absent. I agree with Ramy, our scene is way overdue for a drug bust. I hate to see something that used to be so wonderful and special gone so far downhill. Oh well.


Just to clarify something here: I didn't mean to imply there SHOULD be a drug bust at our scene. I just want everyone to be careful and responsible. Remember, if you can't enjoy a rave without drugs you're there for a very wrong reason and the only way you can find out if that's true or not is to go to (AND leave) raves sober as often as you can. Yes, I do practice what I preach. I'm not saying I've always been completely sober at raves but I've never been to a point where I had to be carried out or have my camera held for me while I puked in the corner. I don't brag about the number of pills I take at raves. I brag about the number of pills I DON'T take at raves... and still manage to have a great time:)


Zen was a pretty phat party. It was still rolling pretty well even at 2:30am when I got there.I agree there were alot of police there. What was the deal with the restroom? It was gross! I had a really good time despite the whole cop thing, i can't wait untill the next one. doese anyone know Skits?

well..., much love,have fun,see tomorrow.

G-Nee Drop-n-Roll

I went to Zen it was the best Rave I have ever been to. I got in in less then 5 minutes and I partyed all night long. I had my best girls their and I met sooooooo many people alot that which I look for all the time but never see anymore. The Music was so great and I danced my ass off all night long. Granted the Water was really over priced but if you are smart then you could fill up your bottles and cups up in the bathroom in the silver room it taste like shit but it is alot cheaper then $2 . I LOVED THAT FEELING>>>>>>>>


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