KIND 8/12/99

It had been a while since I made a visit to Pompeii. The crowd on this night was about average, around 450. The outdoor patio and the balcony were almost empty and the dance floor was less than full. The mood was very relaxed and laid back. A Guy Called Gerald was the headliner. He played a long set of Drum & Base that went until after 1 am. I haven't been able to appreciate the D&B sound yet and this night didn't change my attitude much. I felt it was a bit choppy and a little hard to listen to at times. I still find the D&B sound too repetitive and not organic and natural enough for dancing. I prefer the uplifting buildups of progressive trance much more. But, that's just my personal taste. I love strawberry icecream and I hate rocky road. I spent most of the night in the patio, chatting with people. I must admit that I enjoyed RC's set a lot more. He played a nice variety of deep house and got a lot of people moving on the floor. I took most of the photos during his set and even did a bit of dancing myself.

Maybe I'll never learn to completely appreciate the drum and base sound but, I'm glad Groovetribe continues to bring such a great variety to the scene. Sure, I would have enjoyed a good trance DJ a lot more but, I'm even more glad the variety is there and I can honestly say I was not disappointed at all that I spent another Thursday night at Kind.


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