I went to my first rave in the spring of 1997 at the age of 37. I'm as "late bloomer" as you get. But, I was hooked after about 30 seconds. I've never seen another atmosphere where people dance and smile as much as the ravers do. To me, raves are about people coming together to enjoy the music and dance with as few alterior motives and as little pretense as possible. They love to dance... and dance they do, for hours. I've seen professional ballet and jazz dancers and even strippers who come to raves just to dance any damn way they like and learn some new and cool moves while there. Raves are not just modern day woodstock reruns. They are a much needed and celebrated part of the cultural evolution.

In Phoenix alone, there are thousands of people from all walks of life who attend rave events, some regularly, some sparingly. The photos displayed within these pages are a testament to their free and positive spirit, their zest for life and their love of music and dance. I hope you can see the beauty in this community and allow it the room, the recognition and the respect it deserves.

Your never-too-old-to-dance raver,

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June 12, 2021

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